BeefJack: Who is Winning the Console Arms Race?

BeefJack writes: "The current generation of consoles may be the best that has ever come. All three systems offer a distinct experience, but remain similar enough to keep comparisons relevant. Rumors of the next generation are beginning to leak out, and with that, we enter into the last hurrah of this generation's arms race. Who is positioned to win?"

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Apocalypse Shadow3225d ago

nintendo is winning the motion control war they themselves created this gen for them.the company is riding a wave of casuals and are printing money.

sony is winning the war by producing and winning the hd format,making the cell processor capable of doing everything from science to games,and a reliable,media console that does everything.

microsoft is winning the war of the online space and have created a large community willing to spend for XBL.also,winning the advertising game in america(with the help of buying many advertising companies that spread the xbox message online and off).

who wins really?ALL....NONE.there are areas that they all do well for themselves.and there are areas where they all suck in.

i don't give a f#ck.

i win because as a ps3 fan,i'm getting some of the best content since ps1/ps2/psp.and a 500gig console that does everything since nov. 17 2006.

blitz06233225d ago

I think if the PS3 keeps its momentum and the next gen consoles don't come out during the next few years then it will win everything like the PS2. Though tbh, I don't see why a PS4 is needed as much as the next xbox. I mean, the bluray part is already amazing, and there's still tons of games that can expose the ps3's capabilities like U2.

Noctis Aftermath3225d ago

This gen still has a few years left, 2012 is the earliest for next gen consoles in my opinion, but we will see the next gen of handhelds previewed in Q3 2010 and maybe even released in Q4.

Saaking3224d ago

PS3. It's got the best features, best hardware, best games, and most exclusives. It is undeniably the superior console.

Darkstorn3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

While I honestly don't see the PS3 outselling the 360 this gen, the PS3 definitely has the superior lineup for 2010. The 360 has only three games that I can think of. The PS3 has quadruple that...and all are exclusives.

The PS3 doesn't have to outsell the competition to 'win' the console race (especially since the Wii will hands-down outsell the competition). Sony simply needs to continue their progressive game design.

Saaking3224d ago

The PS3 has constantly been defeating the 360 worldwide. It'll take a while, but it will outsell the 360. Remember, NA =/= world.

Skip_Bayless3224d ago

The Wii is a toy, and PS3 and 360 are the only ones in the console race. PS3 will be in 1st place because of Japan. In the Japan the only systems that are selling are DS and PSP, so therefore there's gotta be homes in Japan without a home console. Gran Turismo 5 comes out there and Final Fantasy versus 13 will be the final blow that will put PS3 sales above 360 worldwide.

Saaking3224d ago

The Wii a toy? You mean the console with the highest rated exclusive this generation is a toy? I don't think so. Sure there's a lot of crap released on it, but there's also a lot of great games to be found.

mikeslemonade3224d ago

Well do you include the DS or PSP in the console race? I can answer you that question with a "No". The Wii is too different and the cycle for the next Wii to come out will be sooner than the next 360 or PS3.

Aleusia3224d ago

I imagine Final Fantasy Versus XIII will probably sell about 3 mil in one week and push about 750k ps3s worldwide since it's getting simultaneous release worldwide.

N4g_null3224d ago

I don't know I wont be touching my PC unless I have work to do for an HD game but I went to do my xmas rounds and both mario kart and NSMB where both sold out and people where picking up demon blade also.

I don't know sure motion control on the HD systems is going to be a blast yet I'm looking forward to red steel 2, nmh2 and dynamic slash with other games sprinkled in there.

I can't say the same for the HD consoles. Plus I've been playing mario kart wii for the last 11 hours str8, crazy stuff and man are those casuals hardcore in this game! So ruthless...

I'm sort of glad the wii isn't expected by the HD gamers since you guys seem to be sore losers. The Wii won a long time ago and next gen will reset the game again. If MS and SONY make similar mistakes then it will all be the same.

HD gamers are the saddest gamers this gen. SONY fans lashing out at every one and claiming victory while no one else cares and xbox gamers pouring slat into PS3 gamers old PS3 launch wounds.

And now the invention of the zombie flame bait hardcore gamer bloggers! If the HD guys would just enjoy what they have maybe more people would get to see what is so great about HD gaming yet all you guys ever talk about is sales...LOL and game ratings. a 10 does not say fun and every one buying it does not say fun. You guys need new customers so you must cater to every one which is hard for your HD companies to do.

Man is this a sick keyboard! Well any way good gaming this holiday people. There is more fun on the way and stop letting faceless people fuel your anger.

Aleusia3224d ago

That's an awful thing to say about us, I know I don't attack everybody...just the 360.

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Cyrus3653225d ago

I think Ps3 is hitting it's stride, but game changers could be coming up with Natal/Sony's motion controller...or whatever Nintendo is coming up with (Vitality Sensor?)

Theendguy3225d ago

PS3 is really becoming the value buy of the three consoles. With comparable third party support, an increasing number of solid first party and arguably better system tech, I agree that the PS3 is hitting it's stride.

op223op3225d ago

To be fair, all three have pros and cons, but the Xbox has been around longer, and I agree the PlayStation is just hitting its stride. 2010 will be an interesting year in the console race with Sony and MS both releasing motion controllers.

The real test of this generation is yet to come as while the Wii is a great system, its motion controls generated more mini game collections than anything else, and if Natal and Sony's effort fall into this trap then the race will effectively become a stalemate...

Johnny Rotten3224d ago

I see someone disagreed with ya, they must be a loser?

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