Information on the dark story of Sadness for the Wii

Sadness is a horror game made for the Wii. The game plays in black and white and the style goes towards photorealism which is to increase the realism of the game atmosphere.

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SuperSaiyan44740d ago

Thank the heavens I got rid of my Wii, its getting soo hard for developers they can only make games in Black and White now? LMFAO!!

eclipsegryph4740d ago

Have you ever heard of art style/direction? The game is trying to set up an atmosphere, and obviously the developers think that black and white filters will help them with that.

You ever seen the two movie adaptations of "Lord of the Flies"? There's a black and white version, and a color version a few years later. The black and white version will always be my favorite, since it toyed with the themes of shadow and light in ways that the color version just couldn't match.

I guess this is one of those "don't knock it until you've tried it" situations.

gaffyh4740d ago

This game looks like it may be quite good, I like the fact that they are trying something different, but being all in Black & White, reminds of the PS1 days when I was trying to play US/Jap games without a SCART cable and it came out Black & White.

M_Prime4740d ago

this game has been in developement for a LONG time.. from what i recall the original team dropped it and it was picked up by a new team..

i think its going for the HORROR genre so it will be dark anyhow.. not like there is a lot of colour there anyways.. but looks good.. i'm glad people try new things.. i don't think i played a game in black and white b4.. i mean its different if the game was made in colour and cause of some errors shows up black and white but if its made to be black and white i think it can look pretty damn good..

we'll see when the final version comes out..

PS360WII4740d ago

you guys are seriously talking bad of a game becuase it's in black and white?... you've reached a new low guys really it's just sad...ness?

So when one wants to add a hint of suspence or a lack of help you can go into black and white to get a more realistic feeling of dread. When is bright and shiny scary?

This game DOES look like it'll be a fun horror survival game. Hope to hear more on it as well

ChickeyCantor4740d ago

The fact that allot of people here don't have a clue what it takes to make a good video game they just blindly follow the hype of one.

I remember a game...that was voor the PSP? if i recall, it was made by one man...and the whole game was in black and white but it looks amazingly stunning.
( was about a kid who had to survive some obstacles)

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