Rumor update : Kotaku's PSP Slim revelation wrong and Killzone screens before E3 ?

Rumor update : Kotaku's PSP Slim revelation wrong and Killzone screens before E3 ?

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Amplifier4742d ago

"Killzone is looking real hot, and could have some screenshots before E3 actually happens. The game will, for sure, make it to E3 in some form, which I would guess is playable."


dissectionalrr4741d ago

why so excited? didn't you learn from the first killzone?

BitbyDeath4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Why even say crap like that?

It's not like they are rehashing Killzone 1 onto the PS3.

You might as well say oh why buy an Xbox 360 it's not like the original sold as well as the PS2

-Negative Bubble for you

Snake_Doctor4742d ago

just what I was keying on. "real hot" gonna be a good fall/winter if these darn classes don't get in the way.

Odion4742d ago

Please Sony fans please don't start a ZOMG KILLZONE IS GOING TO RE-DEFINE THE PS3

weekapaugh4742d ago

and please x-kiddies don't start crying about everything....

Coffin874741d ago

HAHAHA you're so right.

SuperSaiyan44742d ago

I hope KZ2 is a lot hotter than the first cos it sure was running cold.

fenderputty4741d ago

everyone seems to forget there is a Killzone that rated quite nicely for the PSP. Their second game did much better then their first.

Snake_Doctor4742d ago

Please MS fans don't start a KILLZONE Blah Blah, suxors Blah Blah, CGI Blah Blah, 360 rules.

Seriously can people just come to check the news and get excited about upcoming games without getting this fanboy BS on both sides?

I have a PS3 but I like hearing about Halo, Mass Effect and other games on Xbox cause my friend has a 360.


only have a ps3 but do enjoy hearing about halo and and other sweet games. the fanboism here is out of control. "now dear, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
but really: KKIILLZZOONNEE! sweeet! pretty phsyched to see how it is coming along!

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The story is too old to be commented.