The Old Republic Will be the Most Expensive MMO Ever

BNG's Tyler Treat writes: "Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the most expensive MMO ever created. Period. With complete control of the Star Wars license and by providing a fully-voiced MMO in three different languages, EA is clearly putting all they've got into this title. The BioWare team used as many voice actors as possible, giving each character a unique voice in the game. Not only that, but characters have different voice interactions, meaning you'll hear different things when different characters talk to each other. And did we mention the content? This game's got a lot of that too. We did some digging to see just how much effort is going into this seemingly mammoth game."

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Nihilism3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Hopefully that quote means for the devs and not the users :S

Prof. Farnsworth:

"good news everyone!, with TOR the prices per month will be higher than every other MMO"

*smattered applause that dies out with rising comprehension*

Perjoss3225d ago

it will all be for nothing if the game is too casual, im not looking for hardcore raiding, but i dont want solo or group play that puts me to sleep either. MMO devs these days seem to think its really bad if the player dies :/

Pumbli3225d ago

For the sake of Bioware, I really really really hope this game will be popular and sell well.

If Bioware brings negative profits to EA's desk they could make them end up like Pandemic...

TOR is a day 1 buy for me though! I can't wait! :P

Nihilism3225d ago

If this game is extremely succesful, a lot more people would go subscription based, which would be a bad thing for a lot of developers ( as witnessed the those whose ambitious projects that have missed the mark and send them under eg tabula rasa )

and it definitely won't be good for gamers...

I hope it sells, but I hope it isn't the sole breadwinner on the horizon for publishers and developers

Baka-akaB3225d ago

it wouldnt be a bad thing at all . Wow already happened , and some devs are already considering and pursuying that venue with or without Kotor .

It was already the obvious new eldorado for some time and some obviously would die trying .

Letros3225d ago

I'm highly looking forward to this game.

tdogchristy903225d ago

KOTOR I'm really wanting you to fill that void that star wars galaxies has left, Please for the sake of sanity make this a good game.

Baka-akaB3225d ago

double pressure for this title from my end .

First one , because it prevents a solo Kotor so it better be awesome

Second one ,because while galaxy was pretty and decent , i've see to see "my" star wars mmo .

Zhuk3225d ago

I am hopeful this title is a success, as someone who raided in WoW for a few years it truly is time for something new to come along and break the stranglehold on the MMO market.

On the other hand I think it is crucial that publishers and developers alike begin to understand that they should be aiming for subscription bases of 200,000-300,000 instead of trying to be the next big thing, there is so many examples of countless MMO's being shuttered because the devs don't seem to understand that WoW is the exception rather than the rule in the MMO space.

3225d ago
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