Crysis "Alien Ship" Video

An exclusive Crysis video with new scenes from inside the alien ship.

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Firewire4779d ago

Kinda cool! I really liked the eary music they used. Visually not that impressive, but its very dark and inside an alien ship! Looks like a very good game though, would luv to play it, but I'm not gonna buy a new high end computer for 1 game. I wish this game would come out on the consoles, it would sell really well, even if they had to dummy down the graphics a bit.

confusion4779d ago

i thought the lighting effects towards the end were pretty cool

tony4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )


tony4779d ago

the physics in this game are mind blowing and let's not forget the graphics. this game is going for game of the year. bungie needs to watch and learn.