Eurogamer: Games of 2009: Demon's Souls

Eurogamer writes: "The old Japanese adage 'The nail that sticks up will be hammered down' could be the design brief for Demon's Souls. You are the nail. You must be hammered down repeatedly, without mercy, with extreme prejudice, forever. The end.

Like most of the useless souls that roam the defiled world of From Software's immense action RPG, I died a pitiful, inglorious death a long time ago. Ill prepared and most certainly ill-equipped, I got used to running around without my body, being crushed like a bug, over and over again."

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Bordel_19003223d ago

What an incredibly well written article. Truly a great game, I've sunk many an hour into Demon's Souls. I'm so glad I imported this game. So sad that Sony failed to make this fantastic game available for Europe this Christmas, could have given it the sales boost it deserves.

thereapersson3223d ago

I think that this game should have received more market penetration and marketing support than it received. It's definitely one of the greatest games I've ever played -- not just this generation, but of all time. I don't normally appreciate Eurogamer's brand of "journalism", but I must say that this was definitely a well-written article. Anything that highlights and praises the game in such a way definitely gets my time and attention!