Gran Turismo Creator Completes 25-Hour Car Race

Kotaku writes: "Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, has earlier this month completed a 25-hour endurance race at Thunder Hill Raceway, California.

Yamauchi is of course no stranger to racing cars, but still. That's quite an achievement. I get antsy driving for 25 minutes. He of course didn't drive the entire 25 hours all by himself; he was a member of the "Spoon Sports" team, and shared duties with a car journo and two other Japanese race drivers."

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aaron58293220d ago

I would love to see the guys from Turn 10 do this...

Dutch Boogie3220d ago

Seems the definitive racing folks at Turd 10 haven't even attempted or reached the level of achievements the folks at Polyphony have.

WIIIS13220d ago

In all honesty, I think Mr. Yamauchi should spend more hours on the GT game, brushing up his design and programming skills 'cos the GT franchise for this generation is slacking far behind and driving 25 hours isn't going to do anything for the game.

anti-gamer3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

the guys from Turn 10 dont know how to drive car.

sikbeta3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Yamauchi is a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER, is not a bad mouthing game programmer like those tool-10

He's PROFESSIONAL in every way possible, that's why he put so much effort on GT series instead of bashing the competition

BYE3220d ago

I think in order to create the best simulation for consoles you need to do stuff like this.

Yamauchi is obsessed with cars, he is a professional driver, he even creates technology that is used in real cars. You can't be any more qualified to make a driving simulation game.

thereapersson3220d ago

WIIS1, you're so damn clueless it's not even remotely amusing

lowcarb3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"He's PROFESSIONAL in every way possible, that's why he put so much effort on GT series instead of bashing the competition"

Actually he put in more like a headache because for a system thats suppose to be so powerful his latest work looks weak next to Forza3.

edit below: Gaff yep love for the franchise has blinded you.

Raztad: So you admit that right now Forza3 looks better? Sure the finished product can drastically change but right now you pretty much made it clear there is hope for some of you. Tell you what...if the game looks better or really no different upon release I will personally look you up. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong but wonder the same about you. Anyways I am making my exit out of the red zone back into the green. I think I've given you guy's enough of your own medicine today.

gaffyh3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

@1.7 - Funny guy, GT > All. (I admit I'm a GT fanboy, but only because it is a fantastic series)

raztad3220d ago

Is there a way to "save" other people comments? I would like to keep lowcarb's above for further quoting. It's gonna be fun when GT5 gets out.

i_am_interested3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"polyphony slacking" ???

thats funny, i didnt realize that polyphony digital was required by the worldwide video game commission to strictly ADHERE to the same time table for releasing games that other companies such as Turn 10 use

but im sure if they (polyphony) were to follow it by releasing a game every two years - they could resort to the same techniques as their "competitors" use such as:

A game thats half the resolution with half the cars on track
Half the amount of cars available
Damage consisting of model swapping of PRE-DAMAGED car models
No head tracking
No WRC, No Nascar
Making Car Exteriors one textured model where parts such as doors, trunks, hoods, bumpers, etc DONT exist as physical properties during the race

yeah, theyre definitely slacking

lets not even talk about how world renowned GT is and nevermind that polyphony digital is already a respected company within the auto industry, let alone the gaming industry

gaffyh3220d ago

@raztad - Only way to do that is to save the story in your favorites, and then the whole story appears here:

OmarJA-N4G3220d ago

& Turn 10 should have spent another 25 months polishing their definitive arcade racer.

MGRogue20173220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Anyone who can drive can do this.. They've just gotta' keep at it ... Oh! and not fall asleep at the wheel lol >.<

Including Dan Greenawalt (Turn 10 - Forza 3)

beardpapa3220d ago

look at the video and tell me again "anyone" that can drive can partake in a 25 hr endurance race, let alone be competitive enough to actually be beneficial to the team.

bigboss9113220d ago

"Anyone who can drive can do this.."

Chubear3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Uh? lol, GT hasn't even released a current gen GT yet.

How can it be slacking far behind when 3rd&4th gen racing sims on consoles still can't match it's teaser presentation in GTP and barely come close to matching GTHD from 3yrs ago?

If racing sims on consoles still haven't caught up to the tester presentations of GT then how can they hope to think of competing with the very 1st current gen iteration of Gran Turismo?

This is why gamers like you that know jack s* about cars, racing or automobile enthusiasm will always be duped by "teh definitive!" & "tire deflexing deformation" buzz words; cause you just know no better.

xTruthx3220d ago

I still cant believe people think that 200 mb game on the PSN is actually GT5.

beardpapa3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

it's interesting to note if you listen carefully, you can hear the tire screeching in the video and it sounds like the tire screeching noise in the game. Only thing different is that the screech is intermittent and the engine is drowning it out the majority of the time.


the average joe gamer that are suddenly "interested" in racing games don't know jack for the most part of what is involved and what it really feels like in reality. It's like someone that uses Excel for accounting on a daily basis doesn't know jack about computers, only to get wooed by the Best Buy employee that told them 12 gigs of DDR3 ram, 64 bit OS, and an nvidia fermi were the best things there ever was to spreadsheets.

Like you said. Buzz words.

Chubear3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

That's the thing buck. Gamers aren't the only ones that look forward to and buy GT. That's why the 1st iteration of GT that comes out for each gen always sells like crazy cause car nuts, that don't even game, buy a PS3 for it.

And while we're on sales, think about this for a second. EA's Nascar racing franchise is no more. This was a franchise that sold in the millions to a certain demographic. Now, with Nascar only on the PS3 and only on Gran Turismo, what exactly do you think's going to happen?

So you have gamers anticipating this thing, non-traditional gamer car enthusiasts anticipating this game, Nascar fans anticipating this game, Off road rally fans looking forward to the game... yeah, not quite sure we've seen the kind of anticipation, world wide, for a racing sim the likes of GT yet.. or you dont think so? uhm, ok.

3220d ago
free2game3653220d ago

Considering that's a low level club event, it's not like it would be a stretch to do something. Most of the people who run Thunderhill are groups of friends working out of someone's garage.

free2game3653220d ago

he's not a professional driver, he's been in a few low level events, he's not racing out there for his paycheck

cmrbe3220d ago

If turned 10 spent more time driving real car perhaps they would know how real car handles.

But then again, they just turned 10.

gaffyh3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Wait for it guys, I've been waiting a long time, but now I have an opportunity to use it. Here it goes...

@lowcarb - If Forza 3 is so great, why aren't you playing and instead are trolling a GT5 article?

:) You guys know how many times fanboys have stated this same thing in literally every article about Uncharted 2. Muhahahaha. Sorry, I just had to.

Sarcasm3219d ago

"Considering that's a low level club event, it's not like it would be a stretch to do something. Most of the people who run Thunderhill are groups of friends working out of someone's garage."

Are you f'in serious? That's not something you can just "jump in" , pay $200 and participate. This aint a track day event.

You kids don't know jack about racing if you think that's a "low level club event".

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Kratos Spartan3220d ago

Forza is great. Until you compare it to Gran Turismo. Lets just be honest here.

WIIIS13220d ago

I'll be honest here, the time trial demo of GT really pales in comparison to Forza 3.

jaseo3220d ago

GT Time Trial is such an immersive experience. It only has 1 car and 1 track, yet you just want to keep perfecting your driving as you get to know that 1 track and 1 car more intimately. (even if I'll never be at the top of the leaderboards!)

Kratos Spartan3220d ago

a time trial demo compared to a full game...please don't

Pennywise3220d ago

WIIIS1, you should be banned to the open zone with the rest of the mindless drones roaming that section.

Anyone who thinks the time trial can be compared to anything needs to stop posting in the gamer zone.

The time trial is so stripped down its ridiculous. 222mb. 222 M B.

steck673220d ago

WIII comparing a 300mb demo to a full retail game. That just tells you how good the retail GT5 is going to be.

OmarJA-N4G3220d ago

Comparing a trial demo to a full game...

The desperation.

ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa pennywise, i take offence to that.I almost always post in the open zone.Doesn't mean i'm a mindless drone.It just happens to be where the fun is at!

Pennywise3220d ago

LOL @ Canadian - I did not mean the people over there by choice just to jab out some cheap shots. I was grouping him with the people permanently stuck over there.

ThatCanadianGuy3219d ago

Oh right, right..

Those guys..
God bless their soul..


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FiftyFourPointTwo3220d ago

Kazunori Yamauchi > Dan Greenawalt of Turd 10

ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Dan who? Isn't he the guy who made that flop a few months back?

Whatever happened to that game? Must be with the halo wars stats..
Wherever that is..

Anorexorcist3220d ago

I bet KY himself alone ,with his hands tied behind his back, could make a better racing game than Turn 10.

Shane Kim3220d ago

What is Dan Greenwalt? I have a donkey named that.

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steck673220d ago

This guy is amazing. Im glad hes making the game and not some shlt talker trying to get attention.

Gago3220d ago

its important to note that the creator of the best racing game actually races, and consistently sets records and gets in the top 3 positions

unlike other devs

like turn 10 that yap their mouths more than they actually care about racing

free2game3653220d ago

Sets records at what? Playing the big fish in a small pond by coming in with a car with a lot of money behind it into some low level car class?

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