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TrevorPhillips3221d ago

thank god no more infinty ammos, no reloading, 18 players online, 1887 model and other annoying things.

BadboyCivic3603221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'm sure there will be new glitches in the coming days...

IW has lost major credibility will the release of this game...

according to Community Manager Robert Bowling, no public beta was needed unless the internal beta did not provide adequate feedback.

Winter47th3221d ago

Wow, isn't that the same patch released for the PS3 last week? the process sure is slow for a paid service. w/e, enjoy.

4Sh0w3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I've seen alot of negativity towards this game on n4g, but I think you guys just dont get it, this game is so much fun, personaly I've played this game more than any other game this year already, yes there are some problems that require patches, I've ran into every one of the problems posted here on n4g personaly at least once, and besides the javelin glitch they were very very minor annoyances, even the javelin glitch wasnt widespread at the time I had played the game everyday since launch for at least 4-5 hrs and only had 2 matches where someone was using it, my point is this game has the best multiplayer I've played this year, imo the multiplayer is the best of any shooter, including Halo3 (edit maybe tied with the first Gears) and millions of people like me will tell you a few very minor problems has had almost no effect on the overall experience of MW2, talking to hundreds of random gamers online and outside of n4g, the game is almost unanimously praised, its only here that everyone makes MW2 out to be a poor game because of these few issues.

I still remember the first time I got into a free for all match with 18 players, I was likely "damm man whats this sh%$" and another player yelled at me "Stfu and enjoy it"(typical live language) but you kno what I did actually have a blast, yeah the some maps were just a frag fest, but fighting for your life every other second was balls to the wall fun, we were all laughing and talkin shi4 to the winner cause the kill cam showed all he was getting spawn kills, it was so much fun, I think you guys need to stop all the game detective work and just start enjoying gaming again.

The Happy Baby3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

For me anyways. I was on this morning, downloaded the update, and still I had matchmaking issues.
It kept throwing me in private matches on RUST.

Although Its nice that they fixed the 1887s, it was still fun while it lasted.
I liked the challenge of playing against a whole squad of people using them. Made me value Stealth tactics more. And ofcourse when all else failed, you could either pick up a pair from a dead body, or use your own.

@winter: come on man, its the holidays, dont be a flaming tool. :)

hobokiller3220d ago

Nice post. I'm glad you were able to look past the issues and enjoy the game for what it is.

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qface643221d ago

wait for another patch to be released 30 minutes later

LONEWOLF2313221d ago

SO in other words they FU'ed up the 1887's!
I hate IW so called weapon re-balancing. Its just another term for f'ing them up!

DruePhoenix3221d ago

so that means you were one of the douches that ran around with them all the time, huh

theEnemy3221d ago

- -

Also, anyone here getting really annoyed by the so-called "Blood Splatter" when your character is dying ?

It doesn't even look like blood ffs.

IW should remove that sh1t cause it doesn't help you survive, it only makes your death faster.

-Alpha3221d ago

The reason why the blood splatter is so stupid is because YOU DONT BLEED THROUGH YOUR EFFIN EYES WHEN YOU GET SHOT!

It is VERY annoying. I much prefer games like CoD4's red screen or better yet, Killzone 2's system where color depleted to black and white as you lost your health.

4Sh0w3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I dont understand comments like yours, yes of course realisticly you dont bleed through your eyes when shot, but the point is its done that way in game because thats the penalty for getting shot, I've never been shot in real life but I imagine its very painful and disorienting, you dont see clearly, your adrenaline kicks in and you just might be seeing "blood" figuratively speaking. What makes your comment even more riduculous is you point out the blood splatter because thats not how it is in real life but then you give 2 other examples that are just as far from reality. I happen to disagree with those examples too, not because they are any less realistic but because they feel less immersive than MW2's current "near death" system.

psycho3603221d ago

I agree.. The strawberry sauce splatter didn't appeal to me since the trailers and had they actually bothered to use gamers perspective all these glitches, and hackable holes in the game would not have occured. EVen though i'm p$$d at Dice for not given 360 players beta but they still gave to PS3 community. Atleast they got some feedback which will help make the game better.

Anyway with the new patch i would prob start playing it again as the shotgun spamming nubs really irritated me when they could hit me from a sniping distance.

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The BS Police3221d ago

Why did IW even add in Akimbo Machine guns and Shotguns? Kind of unrealistic for a series that the fans always bragged about how realistic it was.

What a joke...

GRRiMREEAPeR3221d ago

i have no idea why they did this, in my opinion the single worst decision they made in the game, don't get me wrong its still fun its just not as fun as it could have been. Remove akimbo for anything other than handguns and maybe machine pistols, remove heartbeat sensors from multiplayer and remove the nuke and IW will have made a much better game.

GRRiMREEAPeR3221d ago

and add more smgs and snipers... wth is this gears or cod? why would they think we want 62 shotguns and 4 snipers? 5 smgs? and then they take out the mp-5 and keep the uzi???? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!

ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago

Realistic? MW series! No.

USMCj3220d ago

The mp5 is in the game.

DitkaKenobi3220d ago

They tried to please everybody and in the process jacked up the flow of the game. Dual wielding to pull in the Halo players. 3rd person to pull in the Gears fans. Neither belong in COD. To top it off they added a "thermal" scope that works better on Wasteland than it does on Derail(a snow map). It's basically a "turn people that aren't using cold blooded bright white" scope. Weak. Dual shotguns had fail written all over it from the get-go.

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zeppelin4203221d ago

I'm glad they re-balanced the Models. They were annoying as hell. Might as well have added a scope to them lol

bacon133221d ago

LOL. Yea, my friends and I said the same thing. Add an ACOG scope to them and just snipe from across the map. Hope this patch does the job, it was much needed.

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