Kotaku: 2009 In Review: The Disappointments

There were plenty of things to be happy about in 2009! Uncharted 2, Batman, the return of E3 and a PS3 resurgence to name but a few. But you know what? 2009 also had its fair share of crushing disappointments.

Things that should have been great, but were average. Things that should have been good, but were awful. Whether through accident, misstep or a good old-fashioned cock-up, here are what Kotaku thinks are the biggest disappointments in video gaming of 2009.

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rucky3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Do we really expect anything less from Kotaku?

And since I already started posting, the only reason KZ2 was a disappointment to sites like kotaku is the fact that it's a really good game.

I am willing to bet that they already have their "Killzone 2 another overhyped title from Sony" article saved up months before the game is released. And like what everyone here is saying, now they're just trying hard to deny KZ2's existence.

Oh and speaking of disappointment, where's ODST?

Darkeyes3220d ago

This is what I hate about the media.. If KZ2 was a disappointment, then what was ODST???? A disaster? Cause last time I checked, KZ2 got the award from reputed sites like Gamespot and IGN as the best shooter. If you are creating a '2009 disappointment list', then why not include the 360 line up? Cause as far as my knowledge goes, none of the title even came close to KZ2 in terms of quality. Where is ODST and Halo Wars in the list???? Both sucked more than KZ2.... Way to show your bias Kotuka.

Kevin ButIer3220d ago

Uh Oh... Kotaku?

Again... not a bad site, Just disappointing ¬¬

3220d ago
Bungie3220d ago

KZ2 is not a bad game at all

maybe it was a little overhyped

they shouldn't compare it with the best just to make it look bad

Damn kotaku

Saaking3220d ago

Kotaku, what a joke. The media bashed KZ2 constantly and when it came out it not only achieved what it set out to do, but SURPASSED it. Now all the naysayers have to eat their own crap and they handle it by calling KZ2 a disappointment. Kotaku is a joke.

Dragun6193220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Killzone 2 was awesome, wasn't expect much really, but I can understand Kotaku's Luke Plunkett opinion. But to counter his argument that this game is

"parts forgettable and offensive, poor characters propelling you through a dreary wasteland of a game, populated solely by clichés and a world so depressing you wish Rainbow Brite would pop in and make a cameo."

This game wasn't intended to create some epic hero like master chief or Nathan Drake nor was it supposed to be a Halo Killer. No, Guerrilla wanted to create a game with the theme War in mind along with putting the player in a view of an ordinary soldier with his unit out for some mad revenge Cough Rico. That is why its so dark and gritty and that's why Guerrilla focused on getting that immersion feeling Ex the Cover System.

I mean come on, what the hell were you expecting from watching all those killzone 2 trailers? A sunshine color game with some hero coming to save the day? This is KILL ZONE.

My disappointments for 2009
Resident Evil 5
It wasn't a resident evil game that I was expecting :(

King of Fighters XII
Online was just horrible, with limited levels, and small cast of characters.

Really Short campaign mode like seriously especially since the game cost $60 but everything else was good but seriously what the hell, $60?

MagnaCarta 2
It was pretty forgettable story with terrible AI, other than that the art was awesome.

Only problem was that Sony doesn't have a UMD soultion and the fact that it costs $250 for a revised slimmer psp with no UMD drive while the original psp with a UMD drive costs around $150.

nix3220d ago

you forgot MW2.

short campaign. glitchiest MP.

Megaton3220d ago

Seriously guys, it's Bukaku, it's what they do. Would you have honestly expected anything else? It's like asking the open zone brigade what they think.

Maddens Raiders3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

am sick & tired of all these noobs ^^^ (you know who you are) posting stupid [email protected] nonsense in the first comment of all these N4G threads as if this were some run-of-the-mill shyt game site!!!!

Where has community housekeeping gone guys? Let's get this crap in check, eh?

On topic

First, Kotaku has been wrong on nearly every skewed/biased/anti PS article that has come out of that office since 2006 - so WHO cares?

secondly, all normal people know Killzone 2 rocks.

silvacrest3220d ago

so according to kotaku, killzone 2 is dissapointing because it has grey buildings and forgettable characters

i'll agree with the characters thing but i dont think that makes it a dissapointment, i have played plenty of games where i forgot about the characters soon after playing the game and that didnt make it a bad game

as for the colour, it suits the atmosphere/wasteland GG was going for cliche or not, did kotaku really not try at all? ODST is pretty dissapointing for a $60 game, im sure there are others more disserving that have not mentioned

Digitaldude3220d ago

Man its December, mocking Killzone 2 was so February/March.

Kratos Spartan3220d ago

bubs to you. your opinion has my respect. great post.

3220d ago
TheBest3220d ago

It's not Kotaku as a whole that is biased against the PS3/Sony, it's just the one writer, named Luke Plunkett. He's the one who wrote this article, and he always feels the need to take stabs at Sony and Nintendo in every Sony/Nintendo related article. He also glorifies the 360 in every MS related article (maybe he only owns a 360?).

The rest of the Kotaku writers are pretty non-biased at all. And I should know, I'm a Kotaku regular.

sikbeta3220d ago

Kotaku: 2009, The Disappointments


That's it

itisa3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I can't believe this.

Is it possible to put a list of this year disappointments without including Halo:"DLC 60$ price tag"ODST?

It is according to Kotaku,in fact throw in Killzone 2 and PspGo while you're at it.

Seriously though,I was scrolling down for ODST in the article and the comments in that site,and guess what?I found nothing.How can we let someone approve this article is beyond me.

Game13a13y3220d ago

wow, i guess everyone should take what Kotaku has to say about the PS3 (and the 360 as a matter of fact) as jokes by now.

morganfell3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

And who overhyped Killzone 2? Was it Sony? Guerrilla Games? Fans? The opposition? Or was it slimy journalists like Brian Crecente talking how they will never achieve the target render? (Which in many ways they surpassed)

And who attacked Killzone 2 for no Co-op yet gives games such as Assassin's Creed 2 a pass?

Crecente and his herd of sheep have egg on their face and this is just another attempt to recover their wounded egos. It is even more laughable in the light of recent awards. But most off all it is the fans that make liars out of ever single staff member of that worthless site.

zeeshan3220d ago

Yeah Killzone 2 was a HUGE disappointment for Kotaku because it surpassed everyone's expectation. It was THAT good a game! This is lame journalism indeed.

morganfell3220d ago


Most people still do not get the Killzone 2 locational damage as the most advanced game many play still utilizes older type hitboxes.

frostypants3220d ago

I like Kotaku, but Luke Plunkett is a f***ing hack. No mention of ODST? Sorry, that is indefensible. One can only take the "it's just his opinion" card so cannot sweep 2 tons of BS under a throw-rug. For example, one could post an article arguing that the most well known character in video game history was Bubsy the Bobcat, and while it may be that person's opinion, it doesn't make it any less stupid. This is the same situation here.

DatNJDom813220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Killzone 2 a disappointment? Really? Complaining cause everything is gray? Im pretty sure its because of the planets environment. Helghan is a industrial world. Of course it's going to look like that. I guess Mars must have green lands and tropical weather...... kotaku sucks.....

edhe3220d ago

Not sure I understand why people are comparing a 4-5 year long development lifecycle flagship title with a 1-year side project.

But I guess that must be the state of things if Sony fanbois are comparing their premier hype targets to Bungie's side projects...

morganfell3220d ago

Everything is grey? What did they say about Gears of War? Did they say everything in HALO has circus colors?

travelguy2k3220d ago

What i am referencing is the negativity about the color pallet in Killzone 2. Really, lets compare it to a movie like "Saving Private Ryan", what was the color pallet in that Academy nominated film (11 nominations). It was depressing dark and devoid of color. So, why should a war game that is trying to immerse you in the action not be similar. Why must it have Halo neon colors to be deemed AAA by the critics.

Sorry for the rant, but i never understood that argument.

JeffGUNZ3220d ago

Remove Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. I personally enjoy IW's style of single player. It's an action packed sequence of events, like a movie, it's not designed to be long. The plot just plays out and however long it takes, it takes. No one complains when they see a movie that's 70 minutes over a movie that is 3 hours. It's about the content and the experience. I was pleased with the single player. Again, I believe most people who purchase this game are in it for the multi-player.

solidjun53220d ago

Hmmmm...I guess a sucker like you (a huge 360 fanbaby) got suckered with a 60 dollar exp...err..."side project".

Too bad.

vickers5003220d ago

Killzone 2 could have been the best shooter of the next gen. Hell, when I first saw the actual in game gameplay, my jaw dropped for the first time of any game. It looked beautiful, I was so excited, the moment the trailer finished, I said f*ck crysis, this is the best looking game of all time.

Then I played the demo, with its second long delayed unresponsive controls. I even customized the sensitivity and waited for the control fix patch to come out. The patch made it slightly better, but sadly, there is nothing that can be done about the controls. Most fanboys will defend the controls as "weighty" or "realistic", but the fact is, that is complete bullsh*t. Realistic my a$$. Maybe realistic in the sense that you are on a planet with gravity 5x that of Earths, but definitely not what is realistic today.

I was incredibly let down by Killzone 2, mainly because I was so hyped up for it. The laggy controls might have had to do with GGames maxing out the hardware for the ps3, and that it wasn't possible to have smooth controls, so I hope the next playstation is able to handle the load of the next game and deliver smooth controls.

mal_tez923220d ago

The most immersive FPS ever with the best shooting gameplay, graphics, sound, animation and effects; complete with an awesome campaign, brilliant multiplayer and the introduction of the first person cover system.

Where was the dissappointment?

rezenu3220d ago

The same ol' crap from the same ol' Kotaku.

I've learn not to take these guys seriously.

Tiberium3220d ago

the main thing disappointing about killzone 2 was the controls. The turning speed and aiming down the sights speed was horrendous. I'm not going to get into "realism", but that was a big problem.

SilentNegotiator3220d ago

"WAAAA, Killzone 2 didn't meet the impossible standards I made for it, since I soaked up the hype like a sponge!"

mastiffchild3220d ago

Edhe-it's completely fair to compare KZ2 and ODST, isn't it? Last I checked your "side project"(which bungie and MS went OUT OF THEIR WAY to say it wasn't)cost just as much at release as KZ2 and as such is a full scale retail release with the price to match. Why shopuldn't they be compared on an equal footing if their makers think they're worth the same outlay? Dev cycle time has nothing to do with it, nothing.

Fact is the guy at Kotaku just didn't enjoy KZ2 which is very different from it being one of the years biggest disappointments-KZ2 annoyed a lot of games journos who stupidly decided it wouldn't get near THAT target render and said so countless times so when it did match it they, like spolit kids, searched for anything to hang their annoyance on rather than being men and saying "well done" to GG. ~Sure, it's not perfect but it's a great shooter that picks up plaudits to this day despite what we read here tonight. ODST disappointed me much more,tbh, as it was crap value and the reason it upset me is the same it did it for others-they justified the price by selling us stuff we already bought before!

So, overhyped? Certainly. One of the years biggest disappointments? nowhere close. Ninja Blade, Resi5,ODST, Madworld and the Fallout DLC? Yes, definitely, yes. Plus, if you can't appreciate the best FPS multiplayer action of the year(this gen for me) then you shouldn't be disappointed by just one FPS this year but all of them. It smacks to me of someone hurting that GG did their job a lot better than he did-plus, I'm no fanboy and feel the ODST comparison is just a natural one to make having felt very let down by both the lack of value(because of MS and Bungie's short sighted packaging and pricing ideas)AND the in game issues it has(short campaign where even the good ideas were left uninvestigated, the worst acting all year, the only new MP being the boring, "me too" Horde mode type Firefight effort among other annoyances forgivable in DLC but NOT in a FULL PRICED retail game)though allthat said it pales next to Resi5 in terms of this terms disappointments-Capcom killed my favourite franchise because of some overbearing desire to be fashionable, include co-op and all at the expense of the all important SP that made the games name in the first place!

But, whatever, you don't need to be a PS3 fanboy to think comparing the respective merits of KZ2 and ODST is fair enough-had it been sold as premium DLC and not as a full game padded out with content we'd paid for the first time I might have said you have a point but as two full cost releases? They're both fair game.

Dandiego3220d ago

The reason it was disapointing to me was because the controls were horrible. Gameplay should be the #1 priority but everybody wants graphics... this is the reason you get bad games that look and sound amazing. I gave this game a 7.5 on 10... good game but I agree with Kotaku on this one: disappointing. Is there any room for dialog on this website or the minute you don't agree you're considered a fanboy? There are many other games that should have made the list that I do agree. The number one disappointment is COD MW 2 in my mind. The game is a camp fest.

Pumbli3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Dandiego - Don't worry, you're not a fanboy. But you can't just say "The controls in KZ2 are horrible" and walk away thinking that's a solid fact. Many people (including myself) loved the controls and if you found the game disappointing then what were you expecting? An FPS that clones CoD4's gameplay and controls 100%?

Imo Killzone 2 had great controls and lived up to each and every one of my expectations.

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it as much as many of us did.

As for Kotaku... Lol at anyone that takes them seriously.

edhe3220d ago

Suckered eh? Hardly, I got mine at a nice little half price, like everyone else I knew.

Out of the 3 other people i seamlessly cooped it with i think i paid most too. Only pisser is that i didn't manage to get in on some of the cheevs before mw2 came out.

Dandiego3219d ago

Wow first time someone on this webster doesn't say F you when they don't agree with what I said. Thanks for that. Still I play with a group of people online and we didn't play this one it was too "floaty". It accelerates when you turn... this makes you over turn sometimes. Every shooter should have a fixed speed to which they turn (like the COD franchise). They talked about disappointment so you can't put games that had no expectations. They should have put Tony Hawk Ride in there... worst game of all time a true RIPOFF!!!

Anon19743219d ago

Killzone 2 was amazing. I'm still playing it. Resident Evil 5, while maybe not a great Resident Evil game, was an outstanding co-op action game I played through a couple of times with my wife.

Ghostbusters was fun and a must play for fans of the movie and the fact that they had Modern Warfare 2 on this list, one of the most outstanding games in the last couple of years is worthy of a face palm.

3219d ago
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TheTruth20093220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"Again, not a bad game. Just disappointing."

"In some areas, it succeeded. It certainly looks, and sounds, expensive. It should be praised a lot more than it is for successfully implementing a working cover system in a first-person game. And Brian Cox can make anything bearable. But only to a point; the rest of the game is equal parts forgettable and offensive, poor characters propelling you through a dreary wasteland of a game, populated solely by clichés and a world so depressing you wish Rainbow Brite would pop in and make a cameo."

You see PS3 Supporters, the REAL non-biased gaming world understands that Killzone 2 is a forgettable, mediocre, and overrated experience.

What was the other quote from yesterday?

"Killzone 2 has some ardent defenders, and with good cause. It has some great multiplayer modes and looks beautiful. However, after years of hype (and misleading 'target render' videos), the single-player campaign was unsatisfying, bland and generic. As with many games on this list, initial sales were strong, but sputtered after a good start. The fact that the PlayStation 3 also had some of its best exclusives yet later in the year made Killzone 2 even more forgettable."

So who's going to say that Killzone 2 is finally its due NOW?
AllPS3FansHaveTheBlindersOn.c om?

I'll tell you who...

Yes, it's getting its due... DUE-DUE.

NO ONE CARES. Your game sucks. Back to the drawing board.

3220d ago
Mo0eY3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

TheTruth2009, a gamer desperately needing attention.

What is he? A troll
What does he whine about? Everything Sony.
Why does he do it? NO ONE CARES.

FACE THE FACTS PEOPLE (begin TheTruth2009 acting):

I can break my sentences up and CAPITALIZE my letters just as TheTRUTH2009 CAN. But will you read my comment because it's like this? PROBABLY NOT.

In 2009, the Xbox 360 had no disappointing games. Why not? Because...


It's quite obvious that every game Sony pushes out will not be successful, but at least they PUSH OUT GAMES.



If you have gotten this far down to my comments by now, you're probably laughing so hard because of the stupidity that flows out of my fingers. That's because my butt's hole has been stretched SO FAR that I've lost brain cells. Why you ask? BECAUSE.... Sony owned 2009, and I can't do anything about it except.


2010...I can't wait to make my new account just for all of you! TheTruth2009

I also love to use the word MYOPIC because it makes me sound smart. 1 bubble or not, I will ramble on constantly because NO ONE CARES.

Karooo3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

modernwarfare 2 in the dissapointment list as well, way to ignore that and concentrate on killzone2.

thief3220d ago

I gave you a bubble - because more people need to read delusional rants such as yours just to get a laugh. Keep it coming!

talltony3220d ago

Killzone 2 beats the living shlt out of that p2p laggy glitchfest of a game that is MW2.

I bet you anything you have not even seen killzone 2 in person.
I would also bet money that kotaku just sucks at it and never gave it a chance.


TheRealTruth3220d ago

I am the Real Truth, and I am here to prove this unfortunate peon wrong.

While I will agree that Killzone's characters have never been very strong, the game was at least exciteing and enjoyable, the same thing can't be said for Halo: ODST, pretty much your ONLY big exclsive shooter this year.

TheLie2009, No. One. Cares. About. You.

You suck, so dose your mom, back to the drawing board!

General Jewels3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

True was looking forward to Killzone 2 the graphics were BEYOND anything i seen on consoles, But that only left a good game....but dissapointedly it was a average run in the mill shooter with no new ideas or innovation, up there with games like haze but without glitches, Killzone 2 did't have anything special MP was fun but single player had blad characters, generic story , generic gameplay plus linear gameplay that was awful...only reason that got abit high reviews was the HUGE improvement from Killzone PS2 ....( So called Halo killer LOOOOOOOl no one can touch Halo ) I mean even the worst Wii FPS can be better than Killzone 1 so thats why any game could of been better. Even matt hazard game would of got 9/10, Killzone 2 was a dissapointment, so thats why its a forgetton game in the drain. Well Hopefully Killzone 3 will be good....not only graphics please. Graphics are epic but game No No.

ChrisW3219d ago

As soon as I saw KZ2 on the list I thought, "Uh-oh!"
As soon as I saw that they put it in the same paragraph as Halo I thought, "OH NO!"

I'm not even going to read the comments here, it'd be a waste of time, but I am certain 10s of thousands of PS3 owners are swear at Kotaku left and right.

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MURKERR3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

ps3 more out of them and gametrailers so why am i not surprised that a 'AAA' game that they said would never meet the target render and when it actually did were left to look like the idiots are now putting the game on their disappointment list?

kotaku will and can never recover from their seriously tainted image, they are now regarded as a trash site and are more than worthy of that accolade

3220d ago
MURKERR3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

many of us MATURE gamers were around in 2006,2007 and 2008 to witness one of the WORSE barrage of the nonfactual ps3 HATE campaigns run by kotaku which many believe was due to sony disciplining kotaku for a leak which should never have happened.

the only people who still respect kotaku are 360 fanboys living in the past (ps3 has no games,both consoles have equal power,bluray is not needed)or young little gamers without an ounce of sense welcome and choose your category...

reintype3220d ago

Let me guess, you're not "really really" from Kotaku, just a concern fan, am I right? Looking at the approval list, Timberland2k9 is merely just a "coincidence", right? And you just joined N4G a few minutes ago just to give us PS3 fans the benefit of your wisdom, correct? *rolls eyes*

Well I'd rather play the "disappointment" that is KZ2 than $60 ODLC, $60 expansion pack that left you 4 Dead, or the Glitchfest of the Year otherwise known as MW1.5

3220d ago
MURKERR3220d ago

and you have the cheek to call people delusional, you owned yourself,now shoo

edhe3220d ago

Kotaku is about 99% on the mark and the 1% they falter on they fix & apologise immediately for. Journalism is something you're evidently not familiar with - probably hanging about here too much.

Kotaku are seen as anti-Sony only because they actually picked up on everything from 2004 through to now where Sony were constantly shooting themselves in the foot pre- ps3 launch, were holding up quotes from executives which were gone back on and later because they broke the Home story and Sony took offence and ballsed up their PR.

It was that balls up that led to the official playstation blog, their twitter etc and everything that you can appreciate now from Sony's PR. Thankfully Sony sorted themselves and apologised.

They're not bias, you are.

MURKERR3220d ago

your not worth my time but thanks for thinking you needed to press reply and sprout your garbage on this post

two thumbs up

SuperStrokey11233220d ago

Yeah obviously they aren't bias, the put Killzone 2 on the list and not ODST... thats not retarded at all...

Face it dude, they are biased. Have you not seen them on bonus round where they are still saying things like abotu 360 haveing the best year when obviously they havnt.

solidjun53220d ago

he's a known trolls and he has a great relationship with kotaku being a fanbaby. ^_^

edhe3220d ago

Why don't you just emote yourself putting your fingers in your ears chanting "lalala I CAN'T HEAR YOU"

Would say pretty much the same thing.

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JonnyBigBoss3220d ago

Killzone 2 was the best FPS this year. Don't get it twisted Kotaku.

Rhythmattic3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"Like in a Theatre of War" is GG definition of their product, and I wholly agree.

K2 is the most intense "WAR" game i've played....

ATM, I'm on the last level elite... Bugger Me. Damn that AI ....

General Fighting against foes in K2, their movement just seems less scripted than other FPS/TPS ... Things play out sooo differently every time.

I enjoyed MW2 SP , but for some reason I preferred MW1 campaign more.

Just my thoughts.

edhe3220d ago

I agree about cod4 - thought the campaign was more fun indeed.

As for 3.0 - halo3 is one of the best FPS of all time, it was also a bit dissapointing. Just because it's a good game doesn't mean it's not dissapointing, especially after all the press & airtime it got from sony PR.

You could have the best woman in the world but if she's talked up too high you can still be dissapointed.

On that point, let's all go get laid.