6 Great Half-Life 2 Mods You Haven't Heard Of

With the economy tanking and the holiday season breaking the bank, Bitmob has found some amazing free-to-play Half-Life 2 mods to help keep you from hemorrhaging money.

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Kurylo3d3219d ago

neotokyo is the best mod for any game that ive ever played.

3219d ago
MEsoJD3219d ago

but I will say I played Dear Ester along time ago and really enjoyed


Lavalamp3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I saw that Neotokyo trailer on youtube and I began to have sudden cravings for the mod. I'm not a PC gamer but watching the gameplay made me highly consider becoming one.

ThanatosDMC3219d ago

Zombie Master better be on that list.

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