OXCGN's 2009 Game Of The Year Announced

OXCGN announces its GOTY:

"And The Winner Is…

OXCGN's GOTY was chosen based on where staff placed certain titles as their Number #1 choice and Runner Up as their 2nd and included all gaming platforms.

So without further ado let us take a look at OXCGN's Overall Game Of The Year for 2009 as well as look at staff members' Top 10 GOTY lists for 2009."

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BadCircuit3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I wasn't surprised about the main winners but I was surprised about some of the staff choices.

I was glad to see that there were many platforms represented in the lists which made them more interesting.

kalebgray923224d ago

not biased and i respect that ... mad props even if uncharted 2 didnt win in their book it was runner up

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3224d ago

I need to go and check my Bible, but I'm pretty sure that ranking Assassin's Creed 2 higher than Uncharted 2 is a sin. lol

Saaking3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

AC2 over UC2? WOW, oh wait. It's 360 site. That makes sense. Still UC2 should have won no questions asked. I haven't played a better game this year.

right you are, it's a big sin. UC2 pwns all.

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Props to OXCGN. Runner up as GOTY on a 360 fansite says a lot. At least they recognize greatness. I totally understand why'd they pick a game that can be played on their system as their GOTY game.

gaminoz3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

LOL, looks like they were right:

"While conspiracy theorists from a certain other console will no doubt say we chose this because it was also on the 360, the truth is that we held an open and honest staff discussion with all games from all platforms considered and the clear winner was Assassin’s Creed 2."

Uncharted 2 though is winning the reader's poll on the site, and one writer did say it was his GOTY.

SilentNegotiator3223d ago

....when I care what people who bought avatar accessories have to say :)

3223d ago
BISHOP-BRASIL3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Now it's all said and done, U2 isn't getting my GOTY that easy (the story was good and the gameplay great, but I'm starting to get bored of shooting things so the replay value have shortened a lot as I only really enjoyed the platforming and stealth parts, there are many differences from U1 but I don't consider everything was improvement), so I can see how this site could be real multiplatform site and still vote for AC2 as GOTY.

I wouldn't say I'd give AC2 the award too because the game has some bad graphical glitches that keep happening and annoy the hell out of me, but when everything is working properly it was a lot more beautiful than U2 (not tech wise, I'm not blind, but the good art totally make up for that, while U2 art feels a bit more generic that the great art in U1 for me). Also better than U2 it has a progression feel, U2 is sometimes equally, sometimes more fun than AC2, but don't feel much like you are achieving anything, just walking in a line killing stuff. AC2 also had more variation in the climb, search and kill (in a lot more ways than shoot).

That said my personal GOTY contenders are:
Demon's Souls (can't explain, nor should... JUST PLAY IT)
U2 (just said it)
Infamous (great progression, nice moves, great gameplay, good history, good missions, good art, bad graphics, low replay value)
AC2 (just said it all)
Killzone 2 (it was fun and really chalanging back in March, great graphics, mediocre art for good guys - ISA - and some indoor enviromens, everything else looked gorgeous, can't really attain to Sev, not a good lead char design)

Right now I don't have a winner, but I'm not done with DS yet and have to give U2 multiplayer a real try (i just played some few matches with 2 friends).

kingdavid3223d ago

I dont get the fuss. I enjoyed AC2 more than uncharted 2 also, does that make me a fanboy?

Attacking people over their opinions FFS, give it a rest.

mfwahwah3223d ago


Geeze, they gave reasons for why they preferred AC2 (which IS a multiplat game, so what's with the 360 site nonsense?). Sure, by their own reasoning I'd rate UC2 higher (multiplayer + linear), but they chose AC2. It's not a sin, it's an opinion.

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gaminoz3224d ago

I agree on the whole with those selected, though there are a lot of games on the staff lists I haven't played.

Each gamer will have different things they look for in a game, but it seems to me that the two there are above the others this year.

Next year should be very interesting with games like Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, and Alan Wake...and more!

XboxOZ3603224d ago

You're also forgetting two major games that are sneeking under the radar of most gamers. That is of course Red Dead: Redemption from Rockstar San Diego, and Metro 2033 (which we predicted would be on the 360 as far back as Dec 08), which is a quite achiver.

Red Dead: Redemption should really set ppl on their backs when it is released, it'll place GTA IV in its place, and become one of the best games of 2010.

Godem3224d ago

Man when I think about making a top 10 GOTY list for this year, its quite hard.. it really shows you how little came out this year, compared to 2008 and 2010.

gaminoz3224d ago

Well there actually was a fair amount, and much of it good, but just not spectacular.

Some of the big titles that everyone raved about (umm Killzone 2, Halo ODST ahem) showed that they were just not really that amazing next to some of the later titles, despite initial reaction.

2010 looks to have some pretty big titles, but will they live up to their billing too?

WildArmed3224d ago

Asscreed 2? The game was fun but nothing GoTY-worthy imo.
Liked batman, Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands much more than Asscreed 2 imo.
The ending didn't really seem as good as I expected. But it was a game that needs to be played.

XboxOZ3603224d ago

It just depends on who's playing it, and it is based on the staff at OXCGN's choices, not the world's choice of best game of the year. Hense the OXCGN's GOTY title.

I fi was to be the industry's GOTY, that would be different.

Hey, I'd have picked Forza 3, obviously, and also Avatar, as well as Assassin's Creed. Because these games, over others, have given ME the fun I like, not what I expect others to like . . can you see what I mean.

So it's based on a majority choice, and as you'll notice, many did choose Uncharted 2, and we reviewed it and it's an excellent game, think we gave it a 9/5/10 if I'm not mistaken, and our highest mark for a major AAA title has been 9.8/10, and that was MGS4, funnily enough.

SO we can't be accused of platform favouritism . . .

morganfell3224d ago

Agreed Sky. And it has nowhere near the polish. Also while we are talking tends, since Killzone 2 was damned for no co-op, doesn't AC2 get the axe for that AND no MP?

Obama3223d ago

"Hey, I'd have picked Forza 3, obviously, and also -->Avatar<--, as well as Assassin's Creed. "

Something is obviously wrong here. :<

tordavis3223d ago

@xboxOZ - You are talking too much sense for this site. They can't handle it. If every site doesn't give Uncharted 2 GOTY there will be murders. It's why we are posting every editors choices for nominations with reasons why they picked those games. People here just don't understand how GOTY's worked. Heck, they don't even understand that it all comes down to preference, not what majority rules.

WildArmed3223d ago

Aye I totally understand.
I'm just saying.
(note: I just mentioned multiplats since they are acessible to all staff of your site)

Asscreed 2 is definitely a huge imporvement over the first, thats for sure. a Solid 8 in my book or more.
But I dunno, the ending was disappointing and there wasn't much build up in the story, which is fine for the most part. But there were games that sold me in the gameplay and story combo than this.

But an opinion is an opinion :)

Obama3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You know, if UC2 is a xbox360 exclusive the site would have chosen it as the GOTY. That is pretty obvious; how silly will they look if they chose a ps3 exclusive as the winner. However, I still give props to the xbox 360 dedicated site for nominating any ps3 exclusive.

sikbeta3223d ago

A$$-Creed 2? lol

Enough guys, this isn't going anywhere, the site already made it's decision

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justlikeme3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

yes you can. Quick, burn him to the stake

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