THQ Bodyslams WWE for 8 More Years

DualShockers writes:
"Today, the WWE and THQ announced that they had reached an 8 year deal for giving THQ exclusive rights to all video games concering WWE. This is 3 years longer than the previous agreement THQ and WWE had before and starts January 1st, 2010. In addition to this announcement, the litigation between Jakks, WWE and THQ has come to a resolution which resulted in the 8 year deal, and THQ paying WWE 13.2 million dollars."

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JoelT3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I hate it when companies give up rights to have their games produced exclusively by one company. Takes all of the innovation out of it. Why be creative when there's no competition.

AzarVC3221d ago

Agreed man, I think once they get that exclusive contract...they are content to sit on their laurels and let the cash roll in for little innovation.

Chadness3221d ago

Haven't played a wrestling game in my life, but I agree.

iiprotocolii3221d ago

It's been a loooong time since I actually played me a Wrestling game. To me, nothing compares to N64's No Mercy - the game is the cause behind many sleepless nights.

Grevan3221d ago

I agree. The olden days had brilliancy written over most of the wrestling games, especially with the ones on the N64. We are at an age now where these games just are too much. It does not excite me like it used to.

-Alpha3221d ago

One comes out every year but they do little to improve over the previous games, some features are taken out while other minor ones are touted and added in, etc.

The Smackdown games of today need a major overhaul in terms of gameplay. Everything is just recycled these days.

I miss the PS2 days when wrestling games were fun.

Tomarcus3221d ago

I do wish that there could be no exclusivity with the license as well. I think better wrestling games could be made with WWE license by other devs.

JoelT3221d ago

but business is business. Damn you capitalism!

nogolis3220d ago

THQ is incompetent, they've shown us this time and time again much like Neversoft/Activision and the Tony Hawk franchise.

Shoot a developer out of your ass and I bet you they are more capable of making a decent go at a wrestling game than THQ. The guys who've made them for 15 years now. God where is time going?

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The story is too old to be commented.