Dante's Inferno's "On the Worst Day of Christmas" Trailer

Here's a new twist between Christmas and EA's marketing team on the new trailer for Dante's Inferno called "On the Worst Day of Christmas".

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Delta3221d ago

LOL nice vid. but GOW3 still has my vote.

ia_studio3221d ago

this trailer first made me (:3)
then it made me o_o,
after all that I was like (...)

the demo sucked, though it was awesome killing the grim reaper,
"no please no, let me help you, NO!"
Too much games, so little time, and cash , havent even started demons souls.
anyways I think bayonetta is way better, than Dante's inferno,
so it's first bayonetta then GOWIII.

RockmanII73221d ago

I'll care when I get a demo

El_Colombiano3220d ago

The demo is ages old man, go download it!