Big Download's 2009 PC Game Awards

Big Download writes:

"It's been a long 12 months. Not just for the PC gaming, but the world as a whole. The current economic situation has been brutal and the game industry has certainly been affected by it with delays and cancellations of games, mass layoffs of people in the industry and shutdowns of long time game development studios. Even a major publisher, Midway, effectively closed its doors in 2009. We know a lot of people personally who would love to kick 2009 to the curb.

The results of our brainstorming is now before you: the 2009 edition of the annual Big Download PC Game Awards. Which games did we pick as runners-up and winners of our various categories (including some new ones we added this year)? And who won the big prize of the best PC game of 2009? The answers to those questions are just ahead."

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