Play over eight hours of Killzone 2 this Boxing Day

Want to do something absolutely ridiculous and/or appalling? Why not spend eight hours playing Killzone 2 on the day after Christmas? Guerrilla's "Yaster" will be hosting a massive eight-hour gaming session on the Killzone 2 servers, and everyone's invited.

On Boxing Day, December 26, from 10am to 6:30pm (guessing GMT), you can join Guerrilla in a hefty round of Warzone, or at least watch in disbelief as a man runs a game for longer than anything not called World of Warcraft should be run.

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WildArmed3224d ago

lol I might try for it.
Just downloaded a few k2 dlc's thanks to a bud :)

jidery3224d ago

And people like you is why Sony is screwing us over by lowering the amount of downloads we get, and creating a premium psn.

Maddens Raiders3224d ago

...what are you talking about? Please explain further.

jidery3224d ago

he said thanks to a bud, so he clearly "Shared" it with a bud, he went on his friend PSN account, and downloaded the DLC his friend bought. Your limited to a certain amount of downloads. (Used to be 5, now its 3)

Maddens Raiders3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

jidery how is that ^^ his fault? That's what SNE encouraged folks to do since 2006? Just think of all the people that have benefited from that system all that time. No *cough*company/ies*cough would allow such freelancing with their creation(s).

...and the Premuium PSN is a *choice. The good 'ol free PSN will remain the same for the masses. I recently got a chain letter from someone on my friends list about this. I had to correct her from striking fear across the network by rapidly spreading this FUD.

Snoogins3224d ago


"You can download the title to up to 5 different PLAYSTATION 3 systems, just as any other PlayStation Store title..."

Notice the "5" instead of your claim of "3?" The only exception being titles under NDRM such as Warhawk and Socom, where you CAN share, but have play restrictions. So your claim of reduced downloads is ignorant.

As for your whining about game/download sharing:

SCEA’s President Jack Tretton: “You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment,” said Tretton. “We want to get the game in as many hands as possible.” “It’s not about generating profits at each and every interaction with the consumer,” he said. “I think that really offsets the argument that says, ‘Wow, that’s a really pricey system.’”

An interview from 3 years ago where Mr. PlayStation himself, Jack Tretton, condones sharing.

How about next time instead of crying on a website and pointing fingers at people you do your freaking homework?

-Alpha3224d ago

Exactly, Sony is the one that allows it to happen.

I REALLY think they need to advertise game sharing or make it more known because it is SUCH an awesome feature. You practically get free games. Though I can see it being problematic since it requires sharing of user info, but it's such a great treat from Sony.

I would really think Sony would milk its PSN content, but I'm so grateful for gamesharing. I wonder how devs feel about it though. Even though it is legit I still think its stealing in a way.

Anyways, game sharing is not the cause of PS Premium. PS Premium comes from Sony creating a new revenue stream, not from doing poorly in PSN sales.

MazzingerZ3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Agree with you bud.

To the others claiming game sharing is being used as it was meant. can any of you post another link that one from 2006 from Another link where SONY says it's ok to share donwloadable content with anyone?

Tretton was hyping a console to be launched within some weeks, after that SONY has not mentioned game sharing as something to be shared with "friends"

If it was really a feature:
- Game sharing threads would NOT be deleted from official PS forums
- There would be an option in the XMB to gift donwloadable content in a safe way rather than doing it by giving away your account info.

The real feature is to allow a household of several gamers to pay only once for a game unlike XBL where each of them must pay for an XBL fee and even pay again for the game I think, PSN games and DLC are NOT HW-attached like on the X360 but to your account (owner)

For me buying PSN is a real investment because when my kids are old enough for a PS3 there will be dozen of games to choose from I can download for them via my account, that's the reason I purchase eveything from PSN and not XBL.

And I don't wanna go into detail how this kind of gamesharing with "friends" could end up in you losing all your games forever 8or making it difficult for you to recover them) a problem that would never arise if this is done on PS3 part of your household...why? again, because that'e the way is meant to be used...that link posted by @Snoogins... I couldn't find anywhere a "share your games with the world" assumes you are the owner of all PS3s and you know it, you just interpret it as it suits you better.

Tretton opened his mouth too soon but definitely they should be more clear about how this is supposed to work and give an official explanation and I think the explanation will come when they have a solution to block "illegal" sharing outside a household otherwise to officially talk about it today would only make even more people aware about this and make things worse.

I guess kids take advantage of this as long as it goes and will always use that 2006 link to claim it's right to do so...I had a couple of "friends" asking me to gameshare...I deleted them from my friend list...c'mon at my age doing that's enough I still play VG today :)

Mo0eY3224d ago

I only gameshare to people who will share in return. But first, we must garnish a trust from one another and become actual friends. If I am in a beta of something (i.e. ModNaton Racers, M.A.G., BFBC2), I will gladly let one of my friends borrow it. In all honesty, who is it hurting?

Do you not give your CDs to friends so they can burn them? Same concept. The premium service that is being offered is to cut costs for servers and the other things that Sony has offered free for the past two years. And it IS optional so there's no need for this hatred towards sharers.

As for those people who want to game share without giving in return... those guys can ef off. I'll delete them if they constantly nag me about sharing.

WildArmed3224d ago

Well since you guys put it that way, I'll delete my friend's account and buy them /s

Cry me a river

Maddens Raiders3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

"- There would be an option in the XMB to gift donwloadable content in a safe way rather than doing it by giving away your account info."

mind telling me sir, what in the hell you're talking about? If my account is active on one's system / is password protected / and is allowed to connect to the PSN via auto sign in how in the world is that "giving away acct. info?"???? In fact one can take it a step further and change the PSN acct. each & everytime you share but I only share with people I know and trust.

I hate when curmudgeons and doubting dorothy's come crashing into threads armed to the gills with bulleted FUD and their own brand of shoddy research...

I didn't even bother reading the rest of that crud - it's just dribble

I've been game sharing with friends (some) on this site since 2006 without a hitch so please spare me the fire truck and ambulance sirens

insomnium3224d ago

my cousin traded his ps3 fat to a slim model. I sold his fat ps3. However before I had sold it I logged onto the new slim and I was unable to DL the same games we had purchased earlier together (game sharing). It said the 5 ps3s are allready activated for my account. This was about a week before the 24 hour rule came into effect if you are wondering.

I called a pay (0.8 euros) per minute Sony hotline to get an explanation. He asked me how on earth did I come across 5 ps3s already and after a split second of thinking it I went ahead and said game sharing to be one of the reasons in addition to my launch ps3 which YLODd.

He would be able to deactivate the ps3s that are activated but first I would have to deactivate all the ps3s which I've been game sharing with since Sony doesn't allow it. There it is. Straight from the horses mouth Sony doesn't allow it.

Isn't it a fact that if I deactivate a ps3 from my account that particular ps3 is unable to play the games where my account is the owner? I'm guessing thats how it is otherwise it wouldn't make sense so much.

We were lucky I hadn't sold the fat ps3 so we rebooted it and deactivated our accounts there so I got my account activated on the new slim.

I too thought game sharing is A-OK but I guess it's not. I too agree that it's extremely stupid to share games with strangers and I think that's the reason why things are getting tuff for the rest of us (ie 24 hour rule). I completely understand since it is kinda generous of Sony to allow things like this if you compare to someone else (cough x360 cough).

Nihilism3224d ago

WTF are people complaining about, probably on XBL and definitely on PC, the DLC is locked to 1 person alone, being able to share it with 5 people is awesome, correct me if i'm wrong, but I think that's a lot more lenient than MS would allow on their PAID service

MazzingerZ3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Thank you for posting that...that's the kind of scenario I didn't want to describe because people would say..."ohh c'mon, that would never happen"...nopp, it will never happen if you use it as it's meant this is only with PS3 that are part of your household

@Maddens Raiders
Read and learn then go to the MSFT forums and post a thread called "Office sharing" where people can share their MS office copy with other people as you can install it in up to 3 PC and let's see what happens.

People should just stop kidding themselves and accept this is rather an exploit of a feature and that they just can't afford their hobby.

Oner3224d ago

@ MazzingerZ ~ I have actually heard Jack Tretton say that on stage at an E3 a few years back (or some other mass gaming media event)...I thought I had a link to the vid but can't find it currently. If I find it I will definitely post is (and save it somewhere I'll remember).

But on the topic I don't think gamesharing is bad in itself for gamers...just that it gets abused by those who don't respect (which can ruin it for all of us). I myself gameshare some things with some of my family because I have no siblings but never go overboard and I always have 1-2 extra spaces just in case (as I am up to 3 PS3's in my house anyway). Like I said though ~ I don't think it's bad, just that people abuse it improperly..

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Willio3224d ago

what a small world, i might have gotten the same email

Sarevok3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I"M IN!!!!
psn- DarkMegabyte
feel free to add meh. xp

Seven_ate_Nine3224d ago

I just bought Killzone 2 on Sunday and I am loving it! My mom actually walked in while I was playing and asked what show I was watching. Chances are I will be playing it during boxing day but I'm hoping to get Uncharted 2 for Christmas so that could get very distracting.

execution173224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

i had to go out and buy a PS3 when it launched, because my 60 GB YLOD, but it was well worth the $460
add me up Execution17 i'll kick some ISA butt with you when my xmas holiday is over

edit - this was ment for #4

Sarevok3224d ago

Will do! lets show the ISA scum!

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