GameSpy: Game of the Year 2009: Personal Picks

The 2009 Game of the Year Awards reflect the weighted opinions of GameSpy's editorial staff, but they all had their personal picks -- here's what each individual GameSpy editor has to say about their top five most anticipated, most overlooked, and most disappointing games of the year.

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rucky3314d ago

So Modern Warfare 2 won on a technicality because 3 out of the 6 gamespy editor didn't even find time to finish Uncharted 2. Very professional gamespy *claps*

solidjun53314d ago

Eh, it is what it is. I did find it funny that one of the guy's game of the year also happened to be his disappointing game of the year.

Anyway, U2 is my personal GOTY.

Resident Evil 5 is not only the most disappointed game of the year for me, but the most of the generation. Some of the high scores it was getting was laughable. Dead Space is much better IMO. Much Much better.