Oblivion vs Two Worlds Graphics Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Two Worlds, both for the Xbox 360.

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Systematrix4738d ago

Two Worlds is looking pretty sick though.

SuperSaiyan44738d ago

They are both very very similar RPG's so how can they not be related?

The only thing is Two Worlds offers an online playable mode as well, also its around 33% bigger than Oblivion and unlike Oblivion it is NOT scaled to what level you are which is the sweet bit for me.

frostbite064738d ago

I am also a fan of the creatures not leveling with you. Some should be easy, some should be hard.

omansteveo4738d ago

They both looks good the oblivion vid is kinda blurry though...i hope Two Worlds is cool im really not to impressed with the combat, i think some of the animations look kinda robotic. The one thing that TW really has going for it though s the 8-player Live/PSN co-op.

sumfood4u4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

They are awsum to look at! besides i was inpressed with some of the video on you tube they have every thing from summoning 3 monsters at once, to doing moves from Naruto the tv show like Gaara's desert defense! So i'm excited about this. check out the video you'll see why I was so excited about this. When u can easily Dodge enemy attacks unlike in Oblivion that makes this game even Sweeter! & the Fact it's gonna be Multiplayer!

omfg_1114738d ago

comparison ... nexttime plz a 30 x 30 video

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The story is too old to be commented.