Aliens vs Predator- US Hunter Edition Confirmed

Sega AMerican Blog: Hunter Edition confirmed for US consumers! There, I can finally say it; the Hunter Edition which was announced fairly recently from our European friends is now 100% confirmed in the US with an added bonus – a hardcover graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics featuring the original Aliens vs Predator comic!

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TheDeadMetalhead3225d ago

This game is being published by Sega and developed by the same company that made Shellshock 2 and Rogue Warrior?

Yeah, do not want.

ScorpionX993225d ago

It's being done by the same people that did the first(maybe 2nd) AvP game, both were amazing. So on that i'm actually looking forward to this game.

Besides, the same developing company doesnt mean the same people are on this game. They do have multiple teams.

VladimirK3225d ago

Hope this gets priced soon.
And announced for EU/UK.

The facehugger looks awesome imo