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Bayonetta is the new Queen of action games, making other games in the genre feel redundant by comparison. Kratos, Dante and Ryu… eat your heart out because Bayonetta is here.

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Chris3993220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Devil May Cry and God of War and the like all have PEDIGREES. Some S&M schoolteacher has a long way to go and a sequel or two (without a shoddy port to show for it) before they "dethrone" anything.

The hype in this industry and the liberal handing out of "10s" like candy to fat children really needs to stop. I've played most of these "10s" and they're certainly not perfect games (and not that "almost perfect" or "perfect for it's time" or any of those other muddled interpretations of a top score that you see people justify their reviews with). Makes you wonder how much of this industry is just fueled by marketing dollars at this point.

Edit: @ the spaz below. I've watched pretty much every piece of media on the game with declining interest since it was first announced. I even like supernatural atmospheres and action games, it seemed like a perfect fit. I've played the 360/ PS3 demo and aside from the technical hitches in the PS3 one, both came away leaving me equally unimpressed. The point of the demo is to entice someone into a purchase. What I played was campy, crass and has been done before. I don't see why it's so original to do the same sort of hong-kong action moves with stiletto boots and hair appendages as opposed to swords or other weaponry.

This is not revolutionary. Evolutionary, maybe, but even that's a stretch. Oh, and the character design is ludicrous, unless you're into heavy German porn or sexually frustrated. That's my say on the game, at least.

deadreckoning6663220d ago

Have you plsyed the full game yet, if not, then why are you talking?

blue7xx73220d ago

That's a stupid thing to say because Bayonetta doesn't have a pedigree it can't receive perfect 10 or high 9's. I played it and thought it was a great game the demo atleast. So maybe they actually like it and are not just hyping it up. So basically what you are implying is that a new IP can't get perfect 10's maybe its that good I doubt you have played the full game so you and everyone else should both reserve your judgement until you have played the full game. Also no one is trying to dethrone anyone can bayonetta co-exist along with DMC and GOW. There are hardly any Hack and slash games as it is so a newcomer is welcome for me.

cmrbe3220d ago

The media are really not making it easier for other franchise fans to like Byonetta. I have no idea why the media are so hell bent on making Byonetta look good by sh*ting on other H&S games. Why can't they just say that Byonetta has set an new bench mark in H&S games?. Why do they have to drag others in the mud in order to make Byonetta look good?. It dosen't make sense.

My only guess is that these game journalist are virgins that have hard-on for a byonetta. It must be.

Chris3993220d ago

Didn't say that the game couldn't get perfect "10s", just that the hype for the game seems unwarranted. It's almost as if journalists are shouting at us to like this game. "It's great! The best thing evar! Better than all that has come before!"

What I've played/ seen doesn't lead me to that conclusion. That's all I'm saying.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of Christmas let's just agree to disagree. I don't control your wallet, so go out and buy two copies of Bayonetta if you like! And give one to a sexually frustrated virgin friend :P I kid, I kid.


I have played the full game on my 360. As I said the 360 version really looks better than the PS3 graphically speaking but it also has screen tearing, frame dips and camera problems. Its not a perfect game but it is really a good one. I dont know why the media is hyping this game to death...maybe for the fact that the 360 version looks better. If not for this I dont understand because when a game like Batman AA or Saboteur for example looked better on the PS3, IGN didnt automatically deduct a point or two from their scores. They rated it the same.

Now that a AAA multiplatform arrives and its looking better on the 360 they made a fuss about that. Overall this game is not in the same league graphically speaking of the GOW3 demo...yes a demo looks better. Dont get me wrong Bayonetta has some impressive visuals even if the enemies and bosses are really cheesy and lame. Also this game is FKN EASY!!!!!!. Im playing it on Normal but this is really easy.
Anyway a must buy for any 360 owner and a pass for PS3 players ( go buy Uncharted 2 instead as it is a better game, trust me). PS3 players, please dont support crappy ports instead of awesome exclusives!!


cmrbe3220d ago

Thats exactly what i am going to do as well. I already have U2 so i am buying DI first. At least DI devs has the courtesy to not screw PS fans over with shoddy ports.

Xi3220d ago

You know... they guy that made the original dmc franchise...

JokesOnYou3220d ago

I remember way back reading gaming mags like EGM, where similiar games were compared with commentary claiming this or that game is better than a previous title. This is not new its been around since the days we debated Mario vs Sonic, and has always been apart of gaming, the only thing that makes it seem worst has been the internet= overly agressive fanboys who take sides and hate on the other side with a passion and overly sensitive fanboys who lack any perspective when they feel their "brand" has been disrespected. I dont see the big deal here, its a lighthearted way of saying they think this next game is really good, human nature is to compare similiar experiences, thats what we do, thats what reviews are about about at their core, now if the guy was saying that because he just played Bayonetta and its great so_( ) sucks then I would say he's full of it....but saying "wow this new game is setting a new bar over this *"OLD GREAT GAME" doesnt bother me, even if its better than my favorite game because #1 I'll be thinking we'll see about that, #2 I'll be thinking I hope it is alot better, #3 I'll be thinking even if its true I wont forget how much fun my favorite game was and I wont like it any less just because theres a *NEW GAME thats better.


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3220d ago

It is pretty clear that the vast majority of hate being directed towards Bayonetta is coming from people that are afraid it will dethrone God of War.

Just deal with it, guys.
Not every series can stay on top forever.

tordavis3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"1 - The circle-jerk over this game is making me ill.
Devil May Cry and God of War and the like all have PEDIGREES. Some S&M schoolteacher has a long way to go and a sequel or two (without a shoddy port to show for it) before they "dethrone" anything.

@chris399 - Cry me a river. Media hyped Uncharted 2 and gave it great scores. I didn't see any complaints from you.

@jokes - glad to see you have 2 bubbles so I don't have to keep clicking your posts. I did my part! ;)

JokesOnYou3220d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I'm going to use my brand new shinny bubble just to say "Thanks", but I doubt it will last very long. Judging by the over-sensitive sony extremists in this post alone I dont expect it to.....either way I ain't about to drink the kool-aid. Nope. I'll continue to call it like I see it, right or wrong.

And I will say it again REVEIWERS HAVE ALWAYS COMPARED OLDER GAMES TO NEW GAMES, especially great franchises, thats just how it is, I always take it as a compliment when a reveiwer says, this or that is better than Halo, sometimes in some aspects it was true other times for me it wasn't, whether is or not really doesn't matter though, Halo CE will still always be one of my greatest gaming memories. Gaming evolves, ALL the past greats SHOULD BE SURPASSED. Also if you really read the entire review it is IN NO WAY SLAMMING ANY GAME, the guy is just saying he thinks Bayonetta is a better action game then those other greats, the way these sony loyalists sound I thought the guy was bashin' the hell out of GOW, it wasn't even close to that.

Don't believe me, go look for yourselves; IGN's 2005 God of War Review:

"Santa Monica pulled off such an elaborate action game when the genre has thus far been saturated by branded clones the likes of Two Towers, Demon Stone and even the lot of Dark Alliance spins. Where those games and the waves of NanoBreakers and Chaos Legions fall slightly short or fail miserably, God of War simply succeeds." -IGN

-whoa, lets see IGN compared GOW to 5 different past "action games" and was "arrogant" enough to proclaim GOW surpassed them all. Damm those Chaos Legion fanboys must be still pissed off 'til this day. lmfao, its OK I understand you kids must be too young to remember reading EGM. Great Game Mag

vvvvvv Hey Unicron, 1up says hi:
"With the combat system as nice as it is and reminiscent of games such as Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, some players may be expecting a bit more of a challenge from the default difficulty setting."


cyberwaffles3219d ago

for crying out loud, just wait till the game releases before judging it. the demo, or any demo for that matter, isn't entirely indicative how good a final game will be.

Chris3993219d ago

It's like comparing Vampire Rain to RE: 5. UC 2 was UNIVERSALLY ACCLAIMED and technically perfect. It didn't have frame-rate issues or questionable character designs. There wasn't much, if anything, to criticize.

How you got a job in this industry being as crass and loud-mouthed as you are tells much about the state that gaming journalism is in.

Your show (if you can call a fat man grunting and raging in his seat in front of a camera), suck btw. For X-mas I hope Santa get's you some rage-counseling, anger is a disease.

tordavis3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


Ahhh yes, you've resorted to name calling. I win. Jealous much?

I didn't compare the 2 games. I said UC2 got rave reviews and lots of hype and you didn't complain. Bayonetta is now getting rave reviews and lots of hype. Why do you treat both awesome games differently? Maybe it's because one is a multiplat. I don't know. Glad I ruffled your feathers though.

Oh and I guess that because I'm in the industry I can't speak my mind in open forums anymore? Please.

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Unicron3220d ago

I dislike review hyperbole. Bayonetta is closer to DMC than GoW. I never saw DMC/GoW comparisons back in the day?

Ah well, will purchase and enjoy both.

solidjun53220d ago

Have you downloaded the Bayonetta demo from PSN? I don't have much room on my hard-rive (I am upgrading very soon though) and I'm wondering if the framerate is as bad as IGN makes it out to be.

@cmbre: Dude, I can't understand that either. Why drag other games into the mud just to say Bayonetta is great. Geez, it's just fuel for fanboyism and pretty much validates what I've been saying. So called 'Journalists' (this includes *shudders* Jim Sterling) are fanboys. Just review the game on it's own. Pros/Cons and other relevant information. I love Kotaku's review system.

cmrbe3220d ago

that byonetta is the only game that can compete with GOW. I also said that Byonetta is what DMC4 should have been. I have always trusted Hideki. However. That is gone now. Extremely disspointed in him.

Honestly i have no idea why the media are reacting to Byonetta the way they are. Back when GOW was released there were never any comparision that i know of to other H&S games. It was not needed anyway.

GOW 3 is going to be on a whole different level from all of these H&S games. One its release it will be interesting what these media people will say. I really doubt they will make any comparisions because it will not be fair.

Unicron3220d ago

The game is totally playable. The framerate isn't GREAT, but it doesn't really detract from the game either. The art design and gameplay are so solid that if you can only get it on PS3, and enjoy DMC style combat, I suggest you pick it up!

DelbertGrady3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"GOW 3 is going to be on a whole different level from all of these H&S games."

Based on the playable demo available on PSN I'd say no. I own Bayonetta and gameplaywise Kratos looks like a last-gen senior citizen compared to Bayonetta. It's slow and cumbersome, not to mention that the graphics look very much like a 3rd party Unreal Engine game. You've got the plastically looking ground textures and overly dark shadows. Judging from the demo it's extremely overrated in most aspects.

Btw, how come the designers of the PSN store are too retarded to make a simple "demos" menu category?? It's a mess trying to find what you are looking for. The content is all over the place.

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anti-gamer3220d ago

GOW3>lord of shadow>Bayonetta>DI.

SiteNblog Defender3220d ago

What's with all the butthurt PS3 fanboys?

bioshock12213220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Yeah I agree I seriously think that's why many people are mad about bayonetta since a lot of reviwers are saying its one of the best hack and slash game and saying its better than GOW. So ps3 fanboys are butthurt. I hardly see any hype for this game people are just saying they like it why is that so bad. Plus GOW was never the best hack and slash game out there DMC and Ninja Gaiden are way better and bayonetta seems to surpass all three from the looks of it.

Silly gameAr3220d ago

You might want to read some of the good news here chief. Apparently, someone wanted to make a quick buck and s... out of a crappy PS3 port. But, that's not the insulting part. It seems they fished the turd out of the crapper, and put it on sale for 60 bucks. Now, we have 360 fanboys, like you, and respectable gaming sites rubbing a multiplat game in PS3 only owners and fanboys faces like it's a 360 exclusive because it looks little better. Got it? Catch up man.

raztad3220d ago

I only know that in march there will be ONLY CHAOS and Bayonetta will be just a memory in those who cant play the EPIC one.

I'll make sure to try Bayonetta (the crappy PS3 version) when it drops down to 20 bucks. If anyone disagree with me I dont have problems accepting a $60 gift card to buy Bayonetta day one :D

SiteNblog Defender3220d ago

Yes because pressing square square triangle is epic. Face it. Bayonetta pwned Kratos.

solidjun53220d ago

Are you saying that cause you played both or saying that cause you're a butt-hurt (your words) 360 fanboy? :D

3220d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3220d ago

I love God of War...

...but Bayonetta is going to be a lot more fun than God of War.

That's not to say God of War story isn't better or the graphics aren't better...

...simply that Bayonetta makes God of War look like a button-masher...which it is for the most part. I've been saying it for years. Devil May Cry 3 is the true action game king. It should be dethroned by Bayonetta soon though. : )

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