IGN: Darksiders Preview: Halfway Through

Surprising. That's the best way to describe Darksiders halfway through (eight hours in). It's not such a shock that the first game of 2010 appears to be a pretty solid offering. The real surprises come from the game itself. Darksiders does a great job of tossing in new gameplay twists right before the current brand of hack and slash is about to grow stale. There's always something new around the corner.

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WildArmed3220d ago

Glad to hear this game is getting good previews.
This game is on my to play list for sure atm.
With reviews, it may be a to buy game

shawnsl653220d ago

This game is definitely a buy for me. Storyline, voice acting, and gameplay looks very solid. For some odd reason the art direction seems a little "warcrafty" to me.

Unicron3220d ago

It's Joe Mad's style. I think they did a great job of translating his anime-inspired style to 3d models (something not easy to do I must say).

Darkfiber3220d ago

Hilary's a douche but this game looks awesome. Always wanted a game like this.