GamesRadar: The Crazy, Creepy Cast of Crackdown 2

In the original Crackdown, you were a king. Pacific City may have been full of criminals, but you crushed them easily beneath your orb-enhanced boot. You threw them for blocks with your steroid-pumped arms. You annihilated dozens with a single pass of your superhero SUV. You could not be stopped.

Crackdown 2? Maybe not so much. GamesRadar recently spoke with Billy Thomson, the sequel's Creative Director, about the new powers, weapons, vehicles and motivations of your vigilante Agent. He also warned them about your new enemies, the renegade Cell and virus-infected Freaks. They've got exclusive art, profiles and interviews for all the character types in Crackdown 2.

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THE MAX SPEED 213222d ago

so what's the difference between these guys and the monsters we find in L4D games? are Ideas running low nowadays? zombies everywhere. god damn.

Hire me. I'll give you good ideas

Solidus187-SCMilk3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

one of the guys you kill in crackdown created some freak monsters in his experiments. You would occasionally see one chasing you and then you karate kick his azz down the road. I guess now there is some sort of outbreak.

Xi3222d ago

they created some of those mutants.