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3956d ago
happy_gilmore3956d ago

mass defect 1 was a major disappointment unless you like riding elevators and boring dialogue.. 2 would be more of the same.

ff13 is more girly than ffx-2. and it is gimped because of the crapbox

gayblo 3 is a joke. 9 hour rpg FTW

wkc is the best rpg next year and diablo 3 is a close second if it gets released.

meepmoopmeep3955d ago

All the rpg's i care about come out in Q1


SpoonyRedMage3955d ago

No FF Gaiden on the list, I'm sure that it will get released in the west next year, at some point... as well as Dragon Quest IX.

The fact that I might/will be able to play FF, DQ, Pokémon and Golden Sun on one system next year is awesome.:D

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