New House M.D Screens and Script Info for DS

GoFanboy writes: "Legacy Interactive has released a second batch of screenshots from their upcoming game, House M.D., launching in Spring, 2010 on the PC and DS. The new assets feature the popular TV actors (including Dr. House) in action at the hospital, solving 5 new medical mysteries.

Quotes are from the actual game script and give a glimpse of the dark humor that fans know and love from the TV series. In the upcoming weeks, look for screenshots of some the 100+ varieties of mind-bending puzzles and medically-themed mini-games, guaranteed to entertain even the biggest fan for hours. ..."

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vgn243273d ago

They have the smart a55ness intact. That's a good start!

Ninji3273d ago

So I guess the game will pretty much be like this...

3273d ago
Baka-akaB3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Dear lord , in game house looks creepy ...
HL/HL2 Gordon freeman "nailed it" better in his days lol ...

mmm looking at the other screens , everyone looks creepy , and somewhat younger ..

But of course , could be far worse , and at least you recognize it .