GamePro's Best Games of 2009

GamePro writes: This year, instead of serving up another mind-numbing list of the same old best of the year categories, we decided to award 2009's best games based on the reasons why they deserve our praise. From best storytelling to most impressive developer debut, here are GamePro's picks of the best games that came out this year.

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MajestieBeast3220d ago

Lol biggest risktaker for the airport scene... AC2 just wow

The_Devil_Hunter3220d ago

AC2 game of the year..good job Ubi.

bioshock12213220d ago

So assassins creed 2 won game of the year wow uncharted 2 fanboys are gonna get mad. Sorta deserves it I thought it was a good game.

cmrbe3220d ago

Is really really good. If any other game should take GOTY 09 away from U2 AC is high on the list. Glad its not Modern Glitch Warfare 2.

jalen2473220d ago

Congrats to Ubi on winning Gamepro's Game of the Year Award. AC 2 is a fantastic game as was its predecessor.