You can now play Modern Warfare 2 with Dane Cook "Desperation, you know it's hit when you have to put this type of thing out there. What is "it"? The new Game with Fame promotion that Microsoft is putting on. This weekend, if you really, really want to, you can play Modern Warfare 2 with Dane Cook."

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mrv3213319d ago

Bet you he used the Javelin glitch.

Sexius Maximus3319d ago

He'll just be one more of many douchbags I usually play with.

specialguest3318d ago

where do I sign up? throw tomatoes at him??

bacon133318d ago

I'm sure a lot of people will take advantage just to say they owned one of the most overrated and un funny comedians of our time. I hope his whole team sabotages him and goes AFK, allowing the other team to just spawn kill him for 2 hours straight.

iANONYMOUS3318d ago

Kudos to Solidus187-SCMilk and badkolo for being a Matured gamers, and I do hope not many of those Hyper-sensitive + no lyfe people would comment on this article, because I know what they would wrote, It has always been negativity.

Seriously, you people may not know Dane Cook ( count me in, but i certainly saw him from somewhere ) but try and learn to respect, keep the rude comments for yourself and try being sensitive from time to time.

Sheesh, the only thing I know, this person is way better than people who cant even go outside and have fun, yet complaints all the time about puny thing.

2Spock3318d ago

He says Dan Cook is crappy. But the author of the article, his writing is even worse. Defaultprime is now on my black list of sites, considering the douche that wrote the article.

ThanatosDMC3318d ago

Beyond me why women like this guy... he's not even funny.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Do we really need to approve every tiny blog of some whiner. We get, you dont like dane cook. Just another "cry" article.

I think id rather play with dane cook then whiny blog writter # 2,094,928.

The guy who wrote this is probably the type who quits when loosing, blames their team for loosing, and calls you a [email protected] when you kill him.

Edit- If you hate someone you saw on TV who doesnt know or care about you there is a chance they are "famous" regardless if you think the are talented or not.

ironwolf7773319d ago

Raping dane cook repeatedly would be some funny sh*t.

badkolo3318d ago

do we need to attack everything and everyone, ok you don't like dane cook, so does that now mean you have to attack the guy.

if this is what the human race is about, do us all a favor and don't have kids, this doesn't apply to all of the above but there is seriously something wrong with a lot of people on this site.

mfwahwah3318d ago

Some harsh words from someone who I really could care less about...

Why don't you live and let live, rather than attack people who attack other people. It's a vicious cycle and you're showing yourself as being in it as much as anyone else.

Kratos Spartan3318d ago

Always told my friends, "man i wish Dane Cook was playing!!"


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The story is too old to be commented.