Updated Hands-on with Blacksite : Area 51 from IGN

Midway gives IGN an updated look at its extra-terrestrial shooter and what they can expect to see at E3.

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SuperSaiyan44738d ago

Midway game?

I have played the demo for this on the 360 and have to say its a mix of half life 2 and Doom 3, mixed into a horrible way with Midways own special brew.

I am hating all Midway games they are all just watered down or copies of other games and feel awful.

Want another comparison? What about that Call of duty game that Midway call something like 'Final Hour' isnt it?

COD 2 and 3 even though 2 is better is far better than Midways attempt at a World War game.

Sorry but I think it wont be long before its Midway's 'Final Hour'

GaMr-4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

And I liked it. This and UT3 are going to be two of my fav FPS's. Irony is im buying them for the PS3. PS3 collection loaded with FPS's. Thats weird.

And as im buying them im going to turn to the ravenous Xbox fanboys that invest every gamestop and ebay game and say

"All Xbox has is First Person Shooters". As I walk away with a handful of shooters for my PS3. lol

tony4738d ago

this game looks average. nothing that makes me say wow, but i will keep my eyes on it.

razer4738d ago

and I really liked it. I just never seem to get tired of these types of games..

The only problem I had was with the framerate when scenes got really intense. But I'm sure they will be fixed in the final retail.

Midway did Psi-Ops, one of my favorite games of all time so they are OK in my book.. Now if they would just release a sequel to it since they left part 1 with such a cliff hanger..