Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores have been released.

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TheHater3226d ago

They gave Avatar: The Fricken move game, a better score than WKC.

Valay3226d ago

I was very surprised about the Avatar review. I haven't played the game, but pretty much everything I've heard about it has been negative.

hitthegspot3226d ago

Who name a game "The Game" as if you could not figure it out... What's that for, parents that want the movie but may get easily confused?

mrv3213226d ago

Well Famitsu have lost a lot of critization lately.

They've been giving out more 40/40 in recent years than ever before... and I highly doubt gaming has gotten much better now...

Saaking3226d ago

Famitsu is the LAST source I'd ever trust. They gave Nintendogs and Bayonneta a perfect 40 and game the Last Remnant and Haze a very high score (like 36/40). What a joke.

Megaton3226d ago

I've been hearing more and more lately that Famitsu is supposed to be some prestigious Japanese gaming media outlet that should be taken seriously, but screw that. I'm not among the bandwagon Bayonetta hate brigade, so my beef isn't with their recent 40/40 for that. They gave high marks to turds like Haze and The Last Remnant. That speaks volumes for their taste in gaming, or lack thereof.

theEnemy3226d ago

so I kinda like them.


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TOO PAWNED3226d ago

I wonder is they give to crappy western games like Haze and Avatar good scores just for fun or what?
Everyone in west says that "the game" is a joke.

stb3226d ago

not cus u dont like it or whatever else dont...wont make them to, so u fail indeed. left them enjoy this [email protected], if they like it.(but that review...bueh

mrv3213226d ago


After reading that I genuinly felt my IQ drop.

That was the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever read at no point during that rambling incoherent response where you even close to a rational though and everyone who has just read it is now dumber I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

stb3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

...better to cut it off, dud i just wanted to said...this(playing ff xiii right now dont get me wrong)

he says... I wonder is they give to crappy western games like Haze and Avatar good scores just for fun or what?
Everyone in d west says that "the game" is a joke.

I said:not because u dont like a game or whoever else dont, they(japan or the samely famitsu) wont too!!!

lol´d with you people...making fuss of such simple oh dud 7.7!!!for the guy below...i ain´t English, but i have three language as well!!!don´t worry my English is far from being (as others say) bitten English..

Everyone in west said that this game is crappy(avatar)

So the west the entirely world...if you do defend that [email protected] of saying, then there is nothing more to explain fo me, (since that type of pipor are just lame!!!!)UuU the end.

mrv3213226d ago

The intelligence in that post almost doubled but due to the stupidity of the first it's still at 0. Sorry.

Now why I am ok with people who know two languages misspelling words from time to time, mainly because I am that person. You on the other hand could if you want produce something intelligent... but choose to not to and as such you must be the greatest Assassin because you just murdered the English language without a gun.

While I agree with parts of your statement regarding subjective and objective to simply say ANY Western thing can be loved in Japan is stupid. Not everything is opinion. If a game ran at 1 FPS it would be internationally hated. While tastes are different in areas they are the same. Japan HATES shooting especially shooting humans so I have no idea why Avatar recieved a high review.

stb3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

bother to do so!!!i mean writing something intelligent, making me just think that you are bragging about these error committed by me!!!oh dud, from your view-point is a murderous error(a english one), but for mine a slightly one.(how old are you, pretty young if you ask me, cus if you at least were more mature you wouldn´t pop up with such joke and just correct me as well, yes you are correcting me...but you way just make you just a bragger).

This sentence(not cus u dont like it or whatever else dont...wont make them to, so u fail indeed. left them enjoy this [email protected], if they like it.(but that review...bueh)only have a couple of error let me say ya!!

Would have go better if it would have been written as.

not cus u dont like it or whatever(whoever)else dont too, wont make them to(too)!!!so u fail indeed. left(leave) them enjoy this [email protected] if they like so.(but that review...guess u get what i mean)dont ya.

so from my sight field, there were two major error that make the whole sentence a fail here!!!conveying myself to just think that you are fussing and bragging for a couple of words sir 7.7. About what you wrote regarding to the intelligent stuff(producing for what)will that make a better of me in this forum...hell no, no one give a [email protected] too, so first time this happening and you make a turd fuss...oh well i´m out. UuU!!!

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BldyShdw3226d ago

Bro, are you serious?

I could give you a break if english is not your primary language. But if thats the case Google translate would have put your words in english better than you did.

Slow down next time...

3226d ago