Capcom Delays Titles, Slashes Earnings Forecast

Publisher Capcom has pushed four key titles back into its next fiscal year, forcing the company to slash its financial projections for the current year from a slight expected gain to a considerable year-on-year decline.

In a statement today, Capcom said the North American and European releases of Monster Hunter Tri, as well as the launches of Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV have been moved from fiscal 2009 into fiscal 2010, which for Capcom begins in April of next year.

Along with Dead Rising 2, the games will be "spread across all four quarters of the fiscal year," which suggests at least one of them won't be on store shelves until calendar 2011.

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bioshock12213226d ago

That sucks I was really looking forward to playing Lost Planet 2 the demo was just so awesome. 4 player co-op games are just epic.

Noctis Aftermath3226d ago

Smart move capcom, Q1 is like a giant dog cage with a bunch of pitbulls all ready to rip each other apart, better off waiting till the next round and only fighting some labradors.

spacetoilet3226d ago

I couldn't give two sh1ts about Lost Planet or any of that garbage but I need SSF4! :(

RockmanII73226d ago

As long as Mega Man 10 is still set for March, I'm happy.

jalen2473226d ago

Its seems that Uncharted 2 is forcing developers to put more polish into their games. I hope this trend continues. I have been spoiled by Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 and I now expect more from other developers as well.

Mahr3225d ago

As long as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's release date stays put right where it is, I can take this. I can take anything.