Last Rebellion US Box Art Revealed

NIS America revealed today the boxart of Last Rebellion, their upcoming PS3 action RPG exclusive that is set to release by the end of February.

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sinncross3224d ago

Very cool looking box. I hope the game is as good :)

NovusTerminus3224d ago

I might have to check this one out. Looks like it might be an overlooked gem for 2010.

Chris3993224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I don't know if it'll be another Demon's Souls, but it will likely be fun to play for fans of the genre (JRPGs). I've said this before, but there's a high-def trailer on the Japanese PSN for people to check out.

The graphics are serviceable and clean (with cel-shading, which I like), but the focus seems to be more on the story, characters and game-play; that's what matters for RPGs anyhow.

cmrbe3224d ago

for quite a long time.

Chris3993224d ago

This and Zill'Oll actually. The West has never had a translation of that long running series and even though it's not turn based (which the property has always been), I'm quite excited to get my hands it.

Simon_Brezhnev3224d ago

yeah i agree with both of yall but i want Zill"Oll a lil bit more

interrergator3224d ago

wow i completely missed this one is it good?