Blue Toad Murder Files: Episode 1 Review - PlayStation LifeStyle

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Relentless Software's Blue Toad Murder Files is a game which dares to try out an episodic structure, with different episodes set to be released consistently until all six are available on the store. This strategy failed to win over most gamers in Siren: Blood Curse and caused problems with the game's length and plot, but can this light-hearted murder mystery title prove that the method can be successful, or does the game fail to break the mold?"

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Sev3220d ago

I have to admit, I am really sad that this game hasn't been released onto the US PlayStation Store. I was really looking forward to playing it over the holiday break.

doctorstrange3219d ago

The game is perfect for Christmas

doctorstrange3219d ago

But I'd recommend buying both episodes simultaneously