First footage of America's Army on 360

The first ever footage of Xbox 360 exclusive America's Army: True Soldiers.

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SuperSaiyan44242d ago

What the same ones that dont know enemies from allies and shoot British soldiers by mistake and some how by mistake also drop a bomb on British soldiers as well?

Oh wow what a name for a game I will do my best to stay away from this filth of a so-called 'exclusive' Hope it stays exclusive to the US cos we all know the British are the best troops! SALUTE!

Mattey4242d ago

Why dont you join the army before you comment about stuff like that? Mabey you should stay in your element of comparing 360 with ps3 rather than different countries

socomnick4242d ago

While the british soldiers are fine soldiers they dont have what it takes to fight a entire war. Were fighting 2 wars at the same time.

dissectionalrr4242d ago

lol, you're funny. if the british are the best troops why arent we drinking tea and eating crumpets right now? they got beat by american farmers with pitchforks. face it, your country is the size of alabama. you have nothing. without american support you would be crushed. we have bombs that can level your entire country, with one drop.

it would be funny if we went to war again though. see the guys in funny hats that can't smile running towards an f-22 raptor, swords drawn lol.

crunkthug4242d ago

the game is ugly, the graphics r ugly
what a exclusive game!

ElementX4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

This game is using the GRAW 2 engine.

FirstknighT4242d ago

If I remember the original America's Army was free on the PC. No way this game can overtake Halo 3, Unreal, Quake, Rainbow 6, or Graw for online supremacy. Their best bet is to have this title at $20.

killercam194242d ago

Crunk Thug ur a jackass america's army is just a recruitment tool used by the army to get kids into war stop with the fanboy crap all the time

tony4242d ago

who knows. but i like the explosion effects, looks better than HaLo 2.5.

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The story is too old to be commented.