30 Scary Video-game Characters

A list of videogame characters that in some way or another has creeped us all out. Included games are big titles, as well as smaller titles so sorry but Pyramid Head, Alma, the ghosts from Fatal Frame and many others aren't included.

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TheBand1t3222d ago

The bear in Condemned 2 made me sh!t bricks

FACTUAL evidence3222d ago

This list kind of sucked. But i must agree with the FO3 gary thing. That sh!t creeped me out. But my main creeper.....Nemesis from RE3...fooker poped out of nowhere trying to kill you mumbling "STARZ!"

DamonTheMoney3222d ago

I agree with most of this list, all of these characters have creeped me out at one time or another.

But seriously ... Where THE HELL is Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2? That's hands down the frickin scariest guy I've ever seen in a game, movie or book.

rakunado3222d ago

I still can't get over the Mannequin Rape scene with Pyramid head in Silent Hill 2 and you hiding in the closet... that was just waaaay too uncomfortable for me. Yes that was scary as hell.

LeonSKennedy4Life3222d ago

Berserkers = YES! Scary as frick!

I still say the scariest are the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.

Iron Maidens also.

LeonSKennedy4Life3222d ago

Fatal Frame I, II, & III.

The entire time you're playing.

rakunado3222d ago

only game that made me think weird thoughts standing in a hallway at night.

GamerSciz3222d ago

There are a couple I hope are on the list.

Alma from FEAR is scary as heck.

The creatures from "The Suffering" scared the crap out of me by being in pitch dark places and grinding the sword on the ground or ceiling before attacking.

Edit: Wow that list kind of sucked minus a few. How did this get approved?

Kisama3222d ago

I think 2 that definatly should have made the list are:
1) Those black things from Resident Evil 4 that breathe heavily and hug you, then pierce the hell out of you.
2) Those 2 or 3 zombie... witch things from Turok 2. You know, they are sisters or something, and they are in the cemeteries..

TheBand1t3222d ago

1 is the Iron Maiden
2 IDK what that is

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