HD DVD and Blu-ray: Which Platform Holder has Taken the Right Path?

Of all the differences, variables and statistics thrown about regarding Sony and Microsoft's respective positions in the current console popularity contest, one of the most frequently referred to is Sony's allegiance to the Blu-ray format and Microsoft's loyalty to HD DVD as a standard.

This difference is grasped by commentators as a hard factual division between the two consoles - one which places them on opposite sides in a separate, parallel battle for home media dominance. However, what this means for the consumer, and the industry, is less obvious. Is it actually that big a deal what movies play on which console, and will it mean anything for the profile and sales of each?

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Systematrix4740d ago

I think Sony was actually smart in incorporating the BluRay player into the console ONLY BECAUSE BluRay seems like it's going to win the format war. If it had gone (or goes) in favor of HD DVD then it would've been (could be) a costly move on Sony's part.

Torch4740d ago

but it's the old "chicken or egg" thing:

It's arguable as to whether the PS3 relies upon Blu-ray's success, or vice-versa.

Personally, I don't think that the PS3 will be affected should the Blu-ray medium not catch on, because the PS3 will always benefit from the disc's greater storage capacity - even if it's the only machine using it. It would just become another proprietary medium (such as with Nintendo's Gamecube discs, or the endless variety of old-school ROM cartridges.)

One exception is if a large number of PS3's are expected to be purchased SPECIFICALLY for HD viewing. There may be a handful of such consumers, but they're only a drop in the bucket compared to those who purchase the machine strictly as a gaming or hybrid (that's me!!!) solution.

On the contrary, I find it more likely that the PS3 can single-handedly carry the Blu-ray format on its shoulders towards success. For people to say that PS3's don't count as stand-alone HD players is insanely silly and desperate.

The consumer may not purchase the PS3 with Hollywood in mind, but once that baby's trojaned into the living room, who in their right mind wouldn't want to eventually pop a nice popcorn flick into the unit?

After all, the goods are already there and ready to go.

Diselage4740d ago

Microsoft went with the safe route and Sony put all their eggs in one basket. Either way the consumer still seems to be the one paying for market instability.


if x box had blu ray gears of war would be a lot longer and Gta would not have issues now.

Blu ray games are a clear winner

closedxxx4740d ago

Was excuted nicely on the Xbox360 without using Blu Ray. I'm sure you can't explain that, because you are posting comments that are not based on any technical expertise.

BadTaste4740d ago

Gears of War is under 7GB. It fits onto the DVD-9 nicely.

closedxxx4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

The XBOX360 does not have a build in HD-DVD drive, so the console is not squared off against Blu-Ray.
While MS has backed HD-DVD, and provided an HD-DVD add-on, they are not pigeon holing the consumer into picking a Hi def disc player when they buy their console. The Xbox360 is built for games, although it makes for a nice trojan horse into the living room with downloads on demand. But I would not call it a war horse for HD-DVD. The success of Blu Ray could very well mean a Blu-Ray add-on for the XBOX360 (something that MS would never talk about unless Blu Ray was the CLEAR winner) but I doubt that the Hi Def format war will ever be that decided within the Xbox360s life cycle

omansteveo4740d ago

Finally some one that gets it dude. Im sick of these articles "HD-DVD is losing you suck xbox" when its a movie format thats used for movie and both formats were built for movies. Oh and hey guess what if i wanna watch and HD-Movie/TV-Shows on my xbox360 i spend 20 bucks on MSpoints and download the ones i want and i get alot more for 20 bucks...That doesnt get you one HD-DVD or Blu-Ray movie.

Sorry for the rant but this is like the 3rd article ive seen like this TODAY! Stop approving them!

JUSTaGAME4740d ago

s main focus with the XBOX360 was games. That's why they are selling so well. They didn't try to clinch the next gen format war by burdening the XBOX360 with a hi def optical drive. Instead, they went with what they knwe would work for next gen gaming- DVD9.
As has already been proven with Oblivion, Gears of War and soon Two Worlds. There is plenty of disc space for the non-lazy developer to make a huge, immersive game fit on the DVD-9 format.
By using this drive, they kept launch prices affordable, and made it even more possible to bring a price drop in the future witout taking major losses on hardware.

Whether people want to admit it or not, I think most of us would prefer a 2 disc game than a single disc Blur Ray title with 2 minute loading screens.

kurac4740d ago

I've just learned at the other comments thread that Microsoft will not use HD-DVD for games, but for movies only. Why did they make that move? Seems to me that their path is useless.

Premonition4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Oblivion used a lot of compression, as long as there is compression, there are still ways to get a game that big on to the 360, now if you dont use compression and leave the textures like they were originally suppose to be then that would be a different story.

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