Toshiba's VARDIA RD-A600 HD DVD recorder with 600GB disk

Check it Sony, Toshiba just unleashed a new VARDIA hybrid HD DVD / HDD recorder in Japan. The 600GB RD-A600 and 300GB RD-A300 feature a pair of digital hi-vision HD tuners, Firewire, and HDMI and can write to HD DVD-R and DVD-RAM/R/RW media in addition to their respective hard disks. In fact, the HDD is the only point of divergence between the models. They'll cost a tad more than $199: as much as ¥200,000 (about $1,643) for the RD-A600 model when these start shipping later in the year.

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ITR4740d ago

600GB! wow..I wish I had 600GB on my computer now.

SuperSaiyan44740d ago

I love the HD-DVD format and this is an even sweeter offering from Toshiba! Shame the price is like through the roof.

Well DVD players were the same when they first came out big bulky uber expensive, now they cost pennies and are ultra slim.

ericnellie4740d ago

That price point is a little to steep for me!

Babylonian4740d ago

is nothing compared to this: http://www.smarthousenews.c...

A 1 terabyte Blu-ray recorder from Hitachi. Sweet.

Nicosia4740d ago


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