20° provides Forza 3 Car unlock guide has compiled a guide revealing all unlockable cars that are gifted to the player.

As you finish races in Forza Motorsport 3's career mode, you will receive experience points in the form of XP. As you get to predetermined point totals, you are advanced to the next "driver level." Upon each advancement, you are rewarded with a free car from one of the various manufacturers.

This guide will help players decide better on how to spend their money so that they do not purchase a 2 million dollar car and then unlock it the next race.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS: If you want the level rewards to be a surprise then turn back.

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Toastman3215d ago

I'm glad to finally see this guide getting attention. This guide isn't even present in the official players guide can you believe that! Helped me from buying cars I can get for free.

claybacca3212d ago

Good guide for anyone who just got the game for Christmas.