Post in the N4G Community Forums and win up to $350 (Reminder)

As part of our June Contest we have several forum contests going. Post in the N4G Community Forums and win up to $350.

Most Active Forum Members
The five most active forum members in June will each get $100

Active Forum Members
All members who make more than 10 posts in our forms in June will enter a draw for $250. So if you haven’t posted in the forums yet, this is a good time to get started. (spamming will disqualify you for the contest)

Click here to visit the N4G Forums

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Blasphemy4241d ago

I don't usually post in the forums often but that will change now!

Diselage4240d ago

Funny what money can do.

Odion4241d ago

uggg who keeps posting this

Macdory4240d ago

Hate to spam - hope you don't mind one freebie towards my post count :)

Rhezin4240d ago

I am definately in I could use some of that money for an operation

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The story is too old to be commented.