Game Obserever: Top 60 games of 2009 (Part 1)

Game Observer writes: "So the end of the year is nigh and this is where you see people try to do a lot of "Best of 2009 Awards" and "Top Ten Games of 2009" articles and other predictable haberdashery. So I've decided to take a stab at such an awards post… but I'm going to do one better. I'm going to do a Top SIXTY games of 2009. This is, more or less, every game I played in 2009, or at least every game that I played enough to think of a petty insult about. In retrospect, having played more games in a year than there are weeks in a year is kind of sad, but I have no regrets. No regrets except for Eat Lead."

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Gambit073316d ago

Ohhh! controversial! you click loving bastards.

3315d ago
keysy4203315d ago

your list sucks game of the year in the 50-60 you rdumb i, not a halo fan and odst isnt inthe 50-60's