Mass Effect 2 Full HD Cinematic Trailer

Gary A Swaby of writes: Mass Effect 2 already looks stunning, but this trailer makes it look even more stunning than it probably is. This 3 minute cinematic trailer showcases some of the finer points of the game (and I'm not just talking about the new chick); there seems to be some amazing action sequences in this game, which should make the story driven experience that much more phenomenal.

Only two words describe this trailer. God Damn!

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Pandamobile3224d ago

That looks pretty fricking epic.

Now all I gotta do is play first game that I got on Steam for $5 :0

Sexius Maximus3224d ago

I've played the first one twice already, and I'm gonna shoot for a third time by next month.

edhe3224d ago

Just watched it on the 42" off the xblm, stunning - shows the group combat dynamic off well too.

That enemy ship looks sodding gigantic, bigger than a reaper..?

I'll blow it up later.

HydroUK3224d ago

i cant wait till January, Mass Effect 2 is going to be full of win

BreakNeckSpeed3224d ago

* Cums all over desk *

Epic Trailer is Epic !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.