Square boss: Multiformat is the way forward

Square Chief Executive Yoichi Wada has said that his company will focus on multiformat gaming to reflect the diversity of the games market.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Wada said "In the old days, we could just focus on the PlayStation or the Game Boy, but the environment has changed completely."

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Bloodmask4739d ago

that even Square realizes that multiplatform is the way to go for 3rd parties. With Last Remnant being multiplatform I guess I can see the direction that Square is heading. With the high production costs going into making a game such as Final Fantasy don't be suprised if you do see it on multiple platforms. Everything is about money after all in the industry.

predator4739d ago

still not confirmed final fantasy XIII will come to 360, just means every game they make after that will be mulit-format,

_insane_cobra4739d ago

Not confirmed, of course, but the possibility just became a lot more probable.

predator4739d ago

of course i would love it to since i own a 360, yet we still wait for that magic word "confirmed" lol

jaydesi4739d ago

by saying this now, FFXIII "Could" be on it's way to X360 ?

who know's lets wait and see.

WIIIS14739d ago

Not that I ever liked FF, but its game over Sony. Game over.

Babylonian4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

If it goes multi, it means it will stay on the PS3 and also go to the 360. The PS3 will then be the main development console and therefore still gets the best version.

You say game over only because you read this article? Dude wake up, nothing has been confirmed yet, and I don't think it will be confirmed either. It's an exlusive like every other Final Fantasy title since VII.

Some of you seem so desperate for PS3 games to go to the 360, if you wan't them that bad then just buy a PS3. Cause if you want all Playstation games to be Xbox games than ironically you want the Xbox to be a Playstation.

Didn't know you worked at Square, how is the development of FF XIII for the 360?........Awww sorry I woke you up from you daytime nap. Have we seen a game yet that had the PS3 as the main development unit? Sadly No. I guess you didn't or can't read my comment right.

Let me quote what I said: "The PS3 will then be the main development console and therefore still gets the best version". Why do I say this, because "if" (it won't) it goes multi don't expect that Square develops the game from scratch on the 360 and then port it to the PS3 as it will only cost more. And isn't that the whole thing about going multi, the costs. So that was my argument, the PS3 is the main focus.

Here is yours: "Sadly, currently all 360 games are badly ported to PS3". No sh!t, really? What does this have to do with my comment or the development of FF XIII. --->Currently it is (and will) only be developed for the PS3<--- Hope you can read that good.

And lately there is a trend of games having the PS3 as the main dev unit, to name a few: UT, Haze, DMC, VF5, and many more.

Obviously devs realized how it's better to develop for the PS3 first.

*edit 2*
Dude don't even come with weak ass comments like "Well....umm.....y-your just stupid". At least have some dignity. Now shut the fvck up and run back home you FUD spreading bastard.

Saint Sony4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Sadly, currently all 360 games are badly ported to PS3. Why is that? It kinda feels like devs don't care about PS3. There goes your number one dev platform. Square has obviously realised how annoying PS3 is to dev to.

edit: Babylonian, I let you figure out my comment by yourself. If you don't get it, don't blame me.
ps. You should train up your sarcasm a bit more, now it only makes you look stupid.

edit2: Haha, one reason why I don't buy meeting the fanboys online. This guy is pure LOL.

RealityCheck4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Square is being smart and keeping their options open. If a game like Blue Dragon does well on the US market and the FPS-centric 360 core audience, then I could see them bringing FFXIII or rather FFvsXIII to the 360. If Blue Dragon has disappointing US sales, they might decide not to. They have the option.

tplarkin74739d ago

Even if BD tanks, I think the FF franchise is powerful enough to sell over a million on 360. I think Square will bring it to 360 regardless. By the time FFXIII is released, there will be 20 million 360s, or more.

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The story is too old to be commented.