Call Of Duty: World At War Map Pack Bundle Now Available

Today Activision announced that they've bundled all three map packs from Call of Duty: World at War together. The bundle is now available through PSN and Xbox Live in North America for $25 or 2000 MS Points.

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Elven63222d ago

That's a pretty good deal, I have 2/3 map packs already so this won't appeal to me much.

EvilCackle3222d ago

I don't get the point of releasing the bundle now, though. I'd imagine most COD players have moved over to MW2 by this point.

zaherdab3222d ago

this sounds like a great deal ... $$$$$ for activision act now and save them from bankruptcy ..

bet the eventual bundle for MW2 will be 60 $ by the time they decide to make one ...