Kids Eye Violent Media as Factor in Youth Violence

A National Campaign to Stop Violence initiative seems to indicate that a good portion of middle school students think that violent media impacts real-world youth violence.

The program, called Do the Write Thing, prompted 6th, 7th and 8th students to document how violence affected their daily lives and how the issue could be addressed.

"Analysis" of the essays determined that 31% rated violent entertainment-including television, videogames, movies and music-were a "significant catalyst" for violence in their age group. Gang violence (27%), drugs (24%) and bullying (21%) were additional factors cited.

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GamerSciz3225d ago

No kid should be allowed to watch TV (including shows or the news) or play video games or even go to the movies.


Seriously, this "study" has the right idea to get the kids opinion but at the same time what do you expect from middle school kids. I remember, way back when, that clicks and groups were huge in middle school. The jocks, geeks, popular, rich, skaters, druggies, you have it all there. However, that's typical of any middle school anywhere. Not to mention, media isn't the only influence. In fact I would argue the biggest influence of violence is simply their surroundings and their upbringing. Media has always and will always be there, violent and all. Otherwise every news station would have to drastically change their stories.