Where Are the Xbox 3, Playstation 4 And Wii 2?

Did you realize that the Xbox 360 is now four-years-old? I sure didn't until recently, and that got me to wondering just when might we start seeing the next generation of gaming consoles roll out.

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Pandamobile3274d ago


For the sake of the progression of the video games industry, I sure as hell hope not.

I don't want video games to be stagnant for the next 5 years with only the occasional PC exclusive really pushing the bar... Ugh.

Saaking3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

MS needs to release a new Xbox by 2011. The 360 is not holding up against the competition as is. It's getting destroyed by the Wii in sales and by the PS3 in quality.

I mean, the 360's been out for four years and it still hasn't been able to get a game as good looking as KZ2 or GT5p. That is just bad.

Hill_billy3273d ago

I have to say that if the current gen lasts a few more years then I can sy a sy of relief. Times are tough for most right now and to save some cash on new consoles then I will be able to continue to afford the new games.

The current consoles are still bringing out some great games and I hope that they continue for a few more years.

cl63AMG3273d ago

I think nintendo will be the first company to bring out a new system since the wii is the only system that doesn't support HD. Followed by Microsoft whose storage solution is hurting its potential this gen. Sony seems to have the only system prepped to be for the long run.

lowcarb3273d ago

"I mean, the 360's been out for four years and it still hasn't been able to get a game as good looking as KZ2 or GT5p"

Well GT5 and Halo Reach are not out yet but both Reach and FOrza3 look better then both of those games you mention by a long shot. Just because 360 had a reload year like the 1st 2 PS3 did doesn't mean the console is dead. Heck Already Alan Wake looks better than anything PS3 has ever put out and probably will.

Nihilism3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

at the same time panda, keeping your pc up to date can be a drain, even the most powerful card in existance cannot get crysis to run a 60 frame average with no aa at 1080 in DX very high....and how much do they go for $599?, add in a new cpu in 2 years time just so your pc isn't bottlenecked beyond belief, and a new overpriced motherboard/ram...

i'm over the upgrading, I hope games stay at the level they are for a few years to come, I don't even want a reason to upgrade, I want optimisations, and quad cores to become standard ( phasing out dual cores all together) so that all games are optimised for quads, before they even think about kicking everyone back to the stone ages again.

Right now i'm faced with a decision, a new gpu and a 24" 120hz monitor for about 1200aus, or for the same I can get a sony bravia 1080 100hz 32" tv and a ps3 ( + 2 games and 2 blu rays) for the same price, I doubt i'll get more enjoyment out of the gpu etc...

If the next gen has all games as a 1080p standard ( no games below this res) and the next wii supports hdmi and 7.1 sound etc, I honestly hope they last even longer than this gen will, I want to get more out of my current tech

Shadow Flare3273d ago

I don't want to see the PS4 until around at least 2015 or 2016. I still feel the PS3 is just getting started. Unlike any other console thats ever existed, the PS3 has the potential to last the longest. Its power just keeps pushing and pushing games to be technically and graphically better. The others can pack up and start fresh if they want but the PS3 has so much left in the tank. And lowcarb, if you think forza 3 looks better then GT5, then you must be mentally crippled

ChickeyCantor3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Pushing what bar?
So far most of the games are just old games in a new jacket with little improvement.

PS3 and 360 still have sh/tloads to explore when it comes to concepts and whatever.

iceman29293273d ago

lowcarb = breakfast?
just saying ... the profile pic looks kinda similar and all ...

CrazzyMan3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I don`t expect new Sony/Nintendo console untill 2012.

BUT, for next xbox, it depends on success of Natal. If Natal will be success, then next xbox will come in 2012 or later too.
If Natal will be a failure, then i wouldn`t be suprised by next xbox in 2011.

bjornbear3273d ago

you make me laugh xD

KZ2 >>>> Reach regardless, however reach is a vast improvement over other Halo's

GT Prologue (A DEMO - as many call it) >>>> forza 3 graphics

However, we speak only of graphics =)

Oh and Alan Wake? Ehm no it doesn't =P check your eyes, might need some fanboy-glasses-removed

XXXCouture3273d ago

Guys.. stop with all the graphic comparisons of games that arent even out yet. we ALL know that graphics dont make a game, only makes the immersion better, and graphics is often debateable, that depends on the eye of the beholder. i think 360 and PS3 can follow each other for at least 2-3 years, maybe even 4. the wii i dont know about, im sure nintendo can make millions on that system for many years to go.

N4g_null3273d ago

You have 2 HD consoles. One is MS where it is pure hell getting the code base approved. Then your left wondering if the game will even sell because it is not a FPS. Yet their tools are way better.

Then you have the PS3 where it's owners do not understand the scoop of what SONY has done to their own platform. Sure there are some good things but seriously if you are not big in the industry you have no hope on the PS3. That system takes major money if you get no support from SONY on how to use the system.

Then you have these guys that run around believing the PS3 is superior. Seriously if it was it would be barely and currently because of horrible 3rd party support which SEGA also suffered from they are having a hard time showing any thing superior other than ego and 1st party support.

The HD consoles are very limited in what they can do. If you actually had access to the tools to make games then you would all see this yet the economy and the wii have done a wonderful job in keeping video games video games instead of interactive point and click movies.

Yet the industry is ready for more power and better tools that help the industry rather than divide it. Maybe there will be one console format for them all? At the rate that things are going MS and SONY will keep copying nintendo and the next batch of systems will be HD ready so

zeeshan3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

@lowcarb: That was a bad joke man. I mean Reach is better than KZ2? That's just plain stupid. I am anxiously waiting for Alan Wake but I believe that it's faaaar behind Uncharted 1 let alone topping the likes of KZ2 and U2 :)

I think PS4 will be out by 2014 and Wii 2 should be out in a couple of years. Xbox3602 hmmm 2011?

oli3273d ago

this generation isnt over, and i agree that the 360 depends on natal and better exclusives, but i honestly think that of all the console generations i hav lived through, i would say this gen was the worst, too many developers playing dirty, games limited due to other consoles, companies lying to people, tooo much stuff that i didnt see in the 2 generations before.
the ps3 was built to last 10 years or more, the 360 was built for 6 years or more if its lucky, the wii....... was built for kids

DeadlyFire3273d ago

There will be at least one or two new consoles by 2011. Only time and E3 2010 has ALL the details though. Just gotta wait for them.

Sub4Dis3273d ago

funny that you say that about lowcarb but not the other guys before him. could it be because he is championing the system you don't support and the others are?

ThanatosDMC3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

^ "Fanboy glasses ON!"

Ignorance is bliss. Blindness too, i guess?

Rumor3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

hopefully no new gens come out until about 3-4 years. because im getting a another ps3 on xmas and i feel kinda late to the party. and telling by sony's six year gap between releases, we should technically see a new ps3 by 2012.

its too soon if ya ask me, because things are just now heating up in the console wars and sony wont have the time to let their new 3-d and motion control tech really sink in to the mainstream in 2 years.

SilentNegotiator3273d ago

"Well GT5 and Halo Reach are not out yet but both Reach and FOrza3 look better then both of those games you mention by a long shot"

So, you're judging Reach's gameplay graphics off of a cutscene?
Typical 360 fanboy.

BTW, GT5p plays in a higher resolution than Forza 3 and STILL plays with 2xAA. And GT5 still isn't out, so you can't really judge the final product yet.

frostypants3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

For once I agree with dchalfont (I think). We just don't need a new gen right now on the console or the PC front. I have what I consider a mid-range PC but it should be able to handle anything thrown at it if the game is optimized well. I didn't buy this quad core for nothing.

As for consoles, I still would expect the next Xbox/Playstation to land around late 2012 or so, assuming they stay consistent with past cycles. I don't think it's at all necessary, I just think it's probable.

I do think Microsoft is under a bit more pressure given their hardware QA issues with the 360, and their recently lackadaisical 1st party activity doesn't do much to counter this suspicion. But if MS rushes it, I would also expect Sony to move as well...I don't expect Sony to let MS beat them to market by a full year a second time. If Sony sticks with the Cell architecture, designing the next system may be fairly trivial for them given its supposed scalability. So we MAY end up with a rushed next-gen release...but even then seeing anything much sooner than 2012 seems unlikely.

The PS3 will live on just as the PS2 is currently. Hopefully MS will pursue a similar strategy with the 360 when the new Xbox comes out. I expect both to integrate their new systems into their existing online environments and maintain the same fundamental UIs they have now (I know, I digress...).

As for the next Wii...I have no clue. Nintendo isn't in the hardcore gaming business anymore. Who knows what they'll do...

DeathMetal3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

god console owners are tards

Pandamobile3273d ago


Console gamers seem to be afraid of a little change.

likedamaster3273d ago

Someone's got their panties in a bunch.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind another console in 2011. Bring it on.

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THE MAX SPEED 213274d ago

2011 Announcements for the new Xbox and maybe a 2012 release?

Saaking3274d ago

Xbox 3= 2011 (6 years after original, pretty good lifespan and they NEED to get out before the others otherwise they won't be able to brag about a fake sales gap)

PS4= 2012 (again, 6 years after original)

Wii 2= hard to guess, could be next year, could be 2011 or maybe 2012.

Those are my guesses.

3273d ago
sonnyz3273d ago

@2.1 My guess is that we won't have a new Wii until at least 2011 (as crazy as that sounds) since Super Mario Galaxy isn't coming out until 2010.

@2.2 You are posting in the wrong zone dude.

SeanScythe3274d ago

I'm sorry but the PS3 is looking better then most games out on PC. I mean Uncharted 2 alone is still the best looking and playing game to date. Crisis yeah but really that game is in a different ball park.

Pandamobile3274d ago

So you're saying that Crysis doesn't count becuase it's too far advanced? :\

NotSoSilentBob3274d ago

Crysis is an older game that still has the Technical Edge, all that it did was bring BIG requirements for the Gorgeous graphics. It pushed the bar at that time, but now we are starting to see that consoles are rivaling pc graphics with Uncharted 2 and Killzone2. If you say they are not close, that is you just having fanboy goggles on. You want to compare Apples and Oranges like that. Apples being computers in they are fully upgradable and an open hardware platform that Programing Code can be halfassed and still run for the simple fact you have a 5gig graphic card that has the room to spare.

Or you can look at it this way.
The graphics from consoles this Gen are right there with Computer. I am not say they are BETTER OR EQUAL, I am stating the fact that Programmers are becoming better at Optimizing the code for the closed hardware platforms aka Consoles. Disagree all you want but the games speak for themselves.

Saaking3274d ago

Crysis does count (and it's light years ahead of anything on consoles), but other than that, I'd say the PS3 has many more great looking games.

kaveti66163274d ago

Shattered Horizon looks better than anything on PS3 as well. There are a plethora of PC only games that look better than anything on consoles, and most multiplatforms games released on PC look better than anything on consoles. Of course, this is already common knowledge that is immediately dismissed by console fans because they love being lied to by console companies about how "advanced" their consoles are.

If PC gaming really died, then graphics and physics technology would be held back for years.

ravinash3273d ago

And how many people can play Crysis the way it was intended.
Its a great game and really pushes PCs to the limit, but like most games on PC, you have to have the right hardware and drivers.
And even then if you've got the right one for one game, it might not be right for another.
thats why I do most of my gaming on a console, because although I do have a good PC, when I buy a console game, i'm guaranteed to get the game the way it was intended.

Hill_billy3273d ago

And with the release of DX11 there will be even more. The issue is not always hardware but the resources for PC development. Naughty Dog does have a hand up in Uncharted 2 but games like Crysis do make console games look a little behind. The issue is that the games that look like Crysis are far and few between and so to compare the two platforms seems a little silly.

We all need to agree that console games are looking great and getting better as are the games on the PC. Both platforms offer some great titles, that one thing for certain.

Ju3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Crysis isn't even good. All it can do is render some plants (lots of them, and throw some barrels around - with exaggerated physics). Ever walked up to a wall or checked those "hires" ground textures? It does well with everything procedural, but everything else simply sucks, that includes texture resolution.

All those PC games do, using old tech (or methods) and scale it to the bare metal, expecting, a next generation HW can eventually cope with the bare amount of data they throw at it. And that is pretty visible. Polygons are polygons, no matter how many you have. Textures will always be textures. And the lightning will not change with the new HW you put into. Physics algorithm won't change and neither the AI. Those require new algorithms, SW which evolves over time, which cannot be achieved by HW. That's why Crysis, even planned for the next-next generation still looks like a last gen game.

The same way, that GoW2 - Remake cannot compete against GoW3 even though both are running native on the same HW but are two complete different SW (!) generations.

SW technology/progress >> HW evolution.

Sub4Dis3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Farcry 2 looks amazing on PC. almost as good as crysis. and there are tons of other games. hell this last chapter of HL2 was better than anything on consoles. but seriously...why are we having this discussion. are ps3 fanboys so insecure about their system that they simply make stuff up to help support their bias?

yes uncharted look great. but it's by no means amazing. all that stuff you see in the's not really there. it doesn't move, you can't interact with it. it's just scenery. that's how most console games are. 360 and ps3 simply don't touch the capabilities of an average PC. there is nothing wrong with liking the games on your system and supporting it, but don't go so far as to make stuff up. it makes you look ridiculous to anyone who owns more than JUST a PS3. also, please stop giving killzone 2 so much credit. KZ2 is the ONLY game i've owned this generation that i've traded. it's just a bland, boring shooter. and it uses a lot of cheap tricks to confuse the eye so you think you're looking at something better than is actually there. just like call of duty. once you see through it, there's no turning back. it just stands out. kz2 is a bad game.

i'll give you uncharted, it is one of the best looking CONSOLE games. but other than that, what does ps3 have exclusively that's mind blowing? and what is done on ps3's superior processor and inferior video card can just as easily be done on 360's inferior processor and superior video card and superior ram. the systems are balanced aside from blu ray. the best thing to get both systems and STFU.

Ju3273d ago

[Off to my next 10 disagrees, lol]

Well, particle, destruction and physics are still unmatched even on PC. I run Crysis on max on my Quad with a lame 9600GT (which supposedly is 4-5x faster then my PS3, no ?) and have to run it at 1280x800 to be able to run it max on a half decent frame rate. That is a joke. Leaves, yeah, they are pretty (and most likely procedural then plain textures). But everything else, keep dreaming. Take off the goggles. Nooo, can't be, huh ???

Pandamobile3273d ago

What the hell are you going on about?

mfwahwah3273d ago

What I love about Console VS PC graphics debates are that the PC fanatics always assume high settings on brand new cards. Most people don't bother buying a new card for every new game, you know.

As it stands, for ME and MY computer, my PS3 EASILY rivals the graphics I can put out.

I guess I'm just a delusional, console-loving, SONY fanboy though. Oh well.

Ju3272d ago

What I'm going on about is, that PCs make games inefficient. Just installed a couple of my games on my Notebook (because I gotta leave for a project for about 2 month). To my surprise, with the latest NVidia drivers, my games run exactly the same on my NB and my Quad. (NB is Core Duo II and FX570M/512M dedicated). So, what I'm saying is SW > HW, and the PC proves that PC games do not and will never utilize its HW properly (according to specs, my PC is twice as fast as my NB, and I can see that sometimes, but OFP eg. runs exactly the same).

As much as I would like to see a next gen console coming out with some Fermi chips and even faster CPU(s) - because only those will show what the metal is really capable of doing - I got no money to spend on yet another console.

Guess what you could do with shader power if you'd know that is what you got, you can optimize to the max (and don't need to scale back), not being afraid you will be overtaken by yet another HW cycle before you even had a chance to max out that chip.

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UnderpaidHonkee3274d ago

I'm sure the MS guy is saying that because he doesn't want people waiting to buy the next xbox. They want people to think, "well the next one isn't coming out for another 5 years so I might as well get one now."
Or they're trying not to do what they did with the xbox and just abandon it all together.

i'm sure we'll be getting new consoles in 2011-2012.

yoghurt3274d ago

Won't need one for another 5 years thanks, the ps3 is just getting warm now with some amazing games this year already, I mean c'mon, Killzone 3! imagine KZ2, but better - hard to imagine it's possible graphically