GameSpot: Alan Wake Q&A

Alan Wake is Remedy's follow-up to Max Payne and follows writer Alan Wake as he retreats to the sleepy town of Bright Falls. The game is predominantly an action thriller but with a psychological twist, where reality and fiction blend into one nightmarish scenario for Wake. The developer is currently putting the finishing touches on the game, but GameSpot managed to coax Sam Lake, the creator and writer, into telling them exactly what to expect from this highly anticipated game.

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Blaze9293220d ago

good info. Can't wait to play this game

TheXgamerLive3220d ago

I've pre ordered this game Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell:Conviction.

I'm so hyped for 2010.

ichimaru3220d ago

looks really beutiful and i am impressed at what i see every time but im still a little on the fence. I want to seee more and i hope the story isa bigger aspect that shooting