NGN: Mirror's Edge - Classic Review

With so many games on the market these days, and with most of them crowded into a select few genres, developers are trying to find new and innovative ways to separate their products from the masses. The most common way in which developers do this is with various gimmicks, and while these 'gimmicks' can greatly add to an experience if properly implemented, like with the destruction physics in Red Faction Guerrilla, if not supported by solid game play and story foundations they will do nothing to save the game from mediocrity. Unfortunately, this is the case with Mirrors Edge. It is a game totally compromised of gimmicks held poorly together by a weak story and poorly explained setting. Some of these gimmicks are actually very interesting, and when they come together properly Mirrors Edge can be exhilarating and breath-taking, but most of the time it is simply frustrating and tedious.

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darkequitus3223d ago

I really enjoyed this game. Not perfect but different enough amongst all the normal FPSes to grab my attention to the end.

Might have to dust it off for some more free running.