Xbox 360 had no games in 2009…Say What?

GB writes: "As part of our ongoing series on 'the year in review', we take a look at the Xbox 360's performance in 2009. There is no doubt that the 360 faced some stiff competition from its arch rival the PlayStation 3. And as far as exclusives go, the PlayStation 3 has won 2009, but let's be honest; the Xbox had its fair share of great exclusive and multiplatform games too. So let's get started."

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Gamer60563226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Halo for many was disappointing.

Bungie3226d ago

the only good games i can think of is

Forza 3
Halo wars
L4D 2
Halo 3 : ODST was meh unless you don't have the maps

blitz06233226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

lol Bungie. can't accept that AC2 and Batman AA were better than 80% of those games?

jcgamer3226d ago

but 2010 looks very promising

Happy Holidays!

Method3226d ago

Left 4 Dead 2 is by far the best 360 game and even that is better on the PC.

Sarcasm3226d ago

2010 looks a lot better for the 360 that's for sure.

Cold 20003226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

The 360 exclusive lineup for 2009 sucked. There's no other way to put it. But that doesnt mean there was nothing to play, its just that it wasnt as good as 2007 or 2008.

But to tell you the truth, now that 2009 is almost over and that 2010 is looking oh so sweet I cant care less.

Looks like MS learnt their lesson hence the stellar 2010 lineup.

One more month till Mass Effect 2 :D

ABizzel13226d ago

Forza 3 was the best 360 exclusive, it was a racing game for Everyone. It's a hardcore sim, with elements like rewind to make it easier for rookies. Forza 3 was the best 360 exclusive (8.9). Then Left 4 Dead 2 (8.8)

Saaking3226d ago

As a 360 owner I was very disappointed this year. At least next year looks better.

Anon19743226d ago

I didn't play a single game on my 360 this year. Halo ODST was the one I was looking forward to but my friend beat it in two hours and told me not to bother buying it. I'll just borrow it from him.

I was hoping for Alan Wake this year but no luck.

2010 is shaping up to be great, though! Halo Reach and Alan Wake will be day one buys for me. Splinter Cell is even on my radar now after I lost interest in the series due to what I've been hearing about the co-op.

CrazzyMan3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I`m just curious...

AKNAA3225d ago

Xbox 360 had no games in 2009... was that clear enough for you??

aside from bayonetta, If it did have other good games, i would have bought a 360 by now...

darthv723225d ago

There are quite a few different award lists on the various blog sites as well as the more well known ones like IGN. I think forza and halo and l4d2 and a few others won their share of different categories. It all depends on who you want to believe and who you think is credible in their awarding of such honors.

SilentNegotiator3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

"Xbox 360 didn't have one full priced, first party exclusive that just HAD to be played in 2009
but 2010 looks very promising"

I only touched my 360 this year to play my rented copy of ODST.

If you did a PS3 version of this guy's article, it would be at least 3x longer.

STICKzophrenic3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

As a dual console owner, this was an expensive year for me.

The year started with me buying a PS3 in anticipation of Killzone 2.

Games I bought this year (that I can remember)

Halo Wars
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Halo 3: ODST
Prototype (sold it to a friend though)
Modern Warfare 2

Older games I bought that released at a bad time for me:
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Dead Space
Prince of Persia
Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty World at War
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2

Incoming Christmas games:
Fallout 3 GOTY
Dragon Age: Origins
Assassin's Creed 2

I had plenty of games on both consoles to keep my entertained. Next year looks to be even more expensive too. :-(

littletad3225d ago

Since ps3 fans sure love to use that. The point of of all this was to prove that if you only owned a 360, there were plenty of games to play. Now if your a hardcore fanboy and actually calculate exclusives, then of course the 360 was lacking. But remember that were the minority here. How many gamers do you think gave a damn, that Microsoft had fewer exclusives? Now if your GAMER, owned all consoles, or just plain love games, then we wouldn't be having this argument to begin with. It was a great year... to be a gamer. Period.

FACTUAL evidence3225d ago

And 2 of those games are "meh". Let's rephrase one even remembers ninja blade....i honestly forgot that game existed. 360 fanboys pretended to like halo wars, and everyone know's l4d2 could be a 2gb dlc. So the titles should be renamed: Xbox 360 had no games in 2009…

STICKzophrenic3225d ago

I enjoy Halo Wars. No pretending here.

It's my first RTS, so I have nothing with which to compare it, but being familiar with the Halo Universe made it a great experience.

Also, I didn't buy it because it had Halo on the cover. I originally thought it looked boring from a few videos, then I downloaded the demo and was sold. I played that demo a ton of times.

badz1493225d ago

you were right on 1 thing; 360's exclusive lineup sucks this year!

but no, M$ haven't learn any lesson from this year. their next year's exclusives are all 3rd parties! hard to hold their own candle of exclusiveness where 3rd party exclusives are hard to come and rare these days!

Shepherd 2143225d ago

pretty sure Halo Wars made me want to play an RTS.

ODST could have used a lower price tag but was more than solid none-the-less.

Im sick of people telling me i never enjoyed the several games that i bought in 2009.

FF7numbaone3225d ago

AA and AC2 are 2 of the best games available on any console 2009.

duplissi3225d ago

it wasnt all that bad for me... i bought my resident evil elite in the begining of march, and other than res 5 all the games i got this year were from 07 and 08, so 09s drought gave me space to catch up.

insomnium3225d ago

We wouldn't be having this conversation if the x360 fans would've kept their mouths shut for the last 3 years.

It's always been the x360 fans who've started these pis*ing contests with their insecurity/fear. This is mere payback.

Skip_Bayless3225d ago

Assasins Creed 2 no matter how look at it is second-rate compared to Uncharted 2.

frostypants3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Halo:ODST was B-list all the way. C' was the 360's answer to Haze in terms of disappointment.

Here's hoping Reach will be something awesome.

Dmitry Orlov3225d ago

Did you even play AC2? Did you see just how deep is the plot in there? By plot I mean both of them (real time and 1470+) and how they interact with each other.
All those codex pages, glyphs and glyph puzzles, fantastic atmosphere of Italian Renaissance and awesome story instantly made AC2 my personal GOTY.


@ John Madden

ya, keep telling yourself that.

owned them both, played and finished them both. AC2 in no way was second rate. only in sony lala fanboy land.

Anemeros3225d ago

Does everyone judge a particular system by what's most popular? Well, yes... and that's why Sony fanboys actually have some credibility when they bash the 360. It's because the 360 games they are exposed to, such as Gears and Halo, happen to be overhyped blockbusters made for the masses.

PSN is garbage in its past and present state, especially compared to
Live. There's a reason it's free, folks... Because it sucks. There is absolutely no better way to play online, on a home console, than with Xbox Live. That's a fact. And that's also why Gears and Halo have become so popular. Not because they are amazing overall games, but because they offer a smooth and broad online experience that Sony never could.

If those games are as good as it gets for 360, then Sony would still be losing the battle 2 years from now. But fortunately for MS fanboys there are bar-raising games like Mass Effect 2 just around the corner.

One last thing... I'd say that Microsoft has done pretty well in the exclusives war, considering that Sony has had many of its marquee titles under the company banner since the original Playstation and maybe even before. That's quite a head start up against an inferior console with no roots. Strange how Sony struggles at all.

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Godmars2903226d ago

Why is it always a given that when articles like this come up multiplatform titles are mentioned when they're in response the exclusives on another system.

JonnyBigBoss3226d ago

Desperation. The tides have turned and some people don't like it.

Morbid Bulldozer3226d ago

You guys are the very definition of desperation.

Oner3225d ago

^^^ (@ above) "The tides have turned and some people don't like it."

FACTUAL evidence3225d ago

That was a very desperate comment to say. Now go play MW2....that's the only "ok" game you guys got this year right?...............oops sorry that's multi-plat.

Shepherd 2143225d ago

actually, when multiplats are brought up against exclusives, multiplats apparently are no longer games.

duplissi3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

above /\
well, um when comparing the two lineups to include multiplats is kind of silly.... SEEING AS THEY ARE ON BOTH SYSTEMS! der der der...

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago

It's funny how you cry about MW2 and multiplats, when all I mentioned was fanboys being desperate, invading other console's news with childish bs. Thanks for proving my point.

duplissi3225d ago

i take offense to that morbid, i own a 360 so therefore this article pertains to me. i am quite interested in what ms will do next year, because only a blind moron will deny that 09 pails in comparison to 07 and 08 for the 360. perhaps you should remove your fanboy goggles eh?

Morbid Bulldozer3225d ago

@duplissi: Don't feel offended - I was talking about brats like godmars and leack, who feel obliged to bring their "Go PS3!" chant to each and every X360 news, especially the positive ones. I understand people who prefer PS3 over X360 (and vice versa), but these guys (among others) are beyond childish.

Shepherd 2143224d ago

thats fine if there on both consoles, just dont tell me that my system has no games when i have tons, multiplats or not.

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Tony P3226d ago

I dunno what they're trying to prove. The argument is exclusives, not number of games total. And 360 sucked for exclusives this year.

And sorry, but exclusive DLC doesn't count for much. Would you really turn down a full game's worth of content for a few hours of extended play?

GiantEnemyCrab3226d ago

It's obvious you didn't play either GTA DLC's because those were both a full games amount of content in each. I've played games that are far less and I paid far more for it.

Godmars2903225d ago

Its funny that to justify spending $50 mil on "DLC" Rockstar and MS had to make possible to play w/o the game it was meant for since most of the people who bought it sold it.

Does it even still qualify as "DLC"?

Tony P3225d ago

If you want to consider it a full new GTA, I'm not stopping you. My point still stands.

MS's exclusive lineup this year is like five or six games plus some XBLA content. That's crap.

FACTUAL evidence3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

You can't tell them nothing them DLC, and MP's are exclusive for some odd reason...they always flaunt about having them when they are always available somewhere remember when they were bragging about FO3 DLC...crap lasted me less than 3 hours.

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THE MAX SPEED 213226d ago

not enough variety. Can MS make a advanture game or something.

Godmars2903226d ago

Do you mean why can't MS make an adventure game that its seemingly shooter-centric install base will like and actually buy, or why can't MS pay a 3rd party to make an adventure game that its seemingly shooter-centric install base will like and actually buy?

3226d ago
Cold 20003226d ago

Thats why KZ2 was one of the PS3's biggest games this year.
And its funny the PS3 version of MW2 outsold Assassins Creed 2 even with all the PS3 exclusive advertising...I guess all PS3 gamers want are dumb shooters :)

Guido3226d ago

You neglected the entire idea that was being shared. The idea of a diverse library. Sure the PS3 has shooters but it is not the console known for shooters alone. If that were the case then Killzone 2 would have sold 8 million copies and be the main platform for shooter ports but the reality of it is this, the PS3 library is diverse and shows a larger demographic of people that share in its diversity. The 360 is a shooter library for the war mongers. It's just how it is. In a way, you help support this fact by the idea that you represent the slightly brainless in reading only what you want to read and deny the entire scope of the post.

games4fun3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

"the PS3 version of MW2 outsold Assassins Creed 2"

your wrong wasnt there a n4g article about assassin creed 2 selling more than MW2(PS3 versions). And if it has changed the fact that it was darn near close should say something as well against your statement.

you just posted misinformation and i think purposefully so.

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Cajun Chicken3226d ago

Great list of multiplats I'll pick up for my PS3 for cheap next year.