Darksiders - Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

From the hands-on preview:

"Mythology and ancient lore have always been perfect backdrops for video games, especially the ones of action/adventure variety. Last week I got the chance to put some real hands-on time with the upcoming action game from mega-publisher THQ titled Darksiders, and what I walked away with was the thought as to why more entertainment sources up to this point have not dealt with the same storyline. The basis of the game revolves around the four horsemen and one of the favorite general plots of all time, the apocalypse. Darksiders, when released in early 2010, will compete with the best hack-and-slash games out there - including God of War 3"

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Valkyrie833224d ago

I really enjoyed this game so far, both this and Dante's Inferno will be good for Xbox 360 owners who can't play God of War III - both are high-caliber games....

Bungie3224d ago

i was going to wait for this game but i got bayonetta instead

i'll get this game when i finish playing all the others

UltimaEnder3224d ago

Bayonetta could also be put into that category - early 2010 will be a fantastic time of the year for action/adventure fans!

MURKERR3224d ago

are being compared to gow, are the media and fanboys that scared of a title due to it being exclusive and very popular to one platform?

how can any game compete with a game thats not out or finished? sonys on a roll and its upsetting quite a few people

raztad3224d ago

I dont know about you but I find funny a xbox magazine comparing Darksiders to a game non playable on the xbox. Why do they even care? insecure much?

DarkSiders is really, really interesting. The previews so far are very positive. It wont be a day 1 purchase but I'd gladly pay $60 at some point if game proves to be outstanding. We can use more than one awesome hack and slash on the PS3.

Roper3163224d ago

and the best thing is that PS3 owners get to play all the clones like this, Dantes Inferno, Bayonetta & Darksiders as well as the one they wish to be GOW3.

UltimaEnder3224d ago

Games can be good just because they are not the original; god of war 3 will surely take things from games that have come before it - for 360 owners this and bayonetta + dante's is all they have.....could say the same thing about ps3 owners and gears of war (nothing but copycats on ps3)....

PepperJack3224d ago

i much prefer ps3 games, god of war will kick the sh*t outta this