10.0 - Bayonetta Review

Eurogamer Spain reviews Bayonetta: "To be launched in January and be the best game of the year has a lot of merit, to be launched in December and be above all the great games we've had for the previous twelve months is even more meritorious. Bayonetta gets the two things, it is a game that for many will be a before and after, a proof that all those things that the current generation of consoles seemed to have killed in the industry Japanese are still there, and can be used with the same mastery as always. Kamiya and Platinum Games have wanted, and they have done, and done to perfection. Now we can only hope that we should not wait another three years before they can truly enjoy another hardcore game."

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robotnik3219d ago

PlatinumGames is the new name for Clover Studio, right?

slyjss3219d ago

I heard there are some "easter eggs" of the games they made as Clover, such as God Hand or Viewtiful Joe or Okami