New Best Buy Sale on Nintendo Wii Games is offering several Nintendo Wii video games on sale this week at the best prices online or in stores. Games include Metroid Prime: Trilogy, Collector's Edition for $19.99, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for $29.99, EA Sports Active for $49.99 and more. See complete for details.

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TheROsingleB3221d ago

None of the stores in my area have the Metroid Prime Trilogy :(
Good deal on that, since MP3: Corruption by itself I've seen still selling for $50

megax83221d ago

Buy online. Shipping is going to be maybe $5. Still an awesome deal

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addnewman3221d ago

am i just insanely sick minded or is that camera angle of mario insanely wrong making him look like he has an immense boner?? xD

3220d ago