12 Days of Gearsmas Details

The 12 Days of Gearsmas have been announced, and recently had been under discussion for around a week on the Gears of War 2 forums, now the list has been finalized. The event will start this Wednesday, and you better be ready because its a pretty stellar lineup.

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williamkenny4317d ago

Day 12 sounds frigging cool.

StanLee4317d ago

Wholly sh*t. Deathmatch should be tons of fun. 6X XP for Submission!!!! Can't wait for this!

FantasyStar4317d ago

Oh ****! That looks crazy!

LukeA4317d ago

6x XP will be kick ass, can't wait for that one. Happy Gearsmas everybody!

Kamikaze84317d ago

Cant wait, I know Ill be playing everyday.

4317d ago
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