Gaming Hype is Out of Control

With so many games already announced for 2010 it seems like publishers and developers will go out of their way just to hype a game that's still on the drawing board. During Topic#2 of Counterpoint 006 Joel Taveras ( and Jay Michaels ( wade through the torrent of hype gamers are currently being subjected to. Batman Arkham Asylum 2, Halo: Reach, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 and Red Dead Redemption – the potential hits just keep on coming but are they all really coming next year?

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JoelT3223d ago

Go on for days with this one!

Grevan3223d ago

As long as Arkham Asylum 2 comes out in 2010, I got no problems.

jayblings3223d ago

Yea but if it doesn't won't you be disappointed. I'll use God of War 3 as an example. They showed us a teaser for that 2 YEARS AGO. Why even show it. All it does is build unnecessary hype. I mean we all know that GOW was gonna come out at some point why announce it just to announce it. So they just announced Arkham 2 and yes I'm excited for it cause its a good game, but if it doesn't come out next year then by the time it does I might be burnt out by the hype or looking forward to something else.

Chadness3223d ago

It always seems that the more hype that is built up around a game the more gamers are let down by it. Not to saythat they don't enjoy it, especially if they've been looking forward to it for years, bu they may not enjoy it as much.

markremo3223d ago

These days it seems like we're so overwhelmed with the constant stream of new games, ads, promos, trailers, pre-sales, etc. that gamers don't get a chance to really play and appreciate the games that they own. How will the next group of "remember when..." games like Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and Sonic the Hedgehog be defined if we can't even remember what we played last week?

happy_gilmore3223d ago

it's unreliable reviews that are out of control.

failo ODLC and warz getting 9's, really?

bought DAO and assassin's creed 2 based on reveiws and was sorely disappointed. now, i know better. played the bayonetta demo. it was a POS but it's getting perfect score so i know that game is crap.

Coolmanrico3223d ago

if people fall for hype, it nothing but their fault. You don't have to read every tiny information that come out. I'm betting half of the people who buy videos games, don't even realize a game is coming out until they see the commercial on Tv. Others, like most of us here on N4G and other gaming site, know every single detail that had been release.